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Merry Christmas to The God Journey audience, where a discussion about the Incarnation of Jesus turns into a celebration of the reality that God does not live in sacred places he invites us into, but that he has come to make all of our moments sacred by inhabiting our lives. A recent study shows that only half the people are truly living in the moment at any given time, and the more time people spend day dreaming or worrying only makes them increasingly dissatisfied with life. Only by embracing each unfolding moment, and God in it, will we find the freedom to live in this age.

Here is the article Wayne referred to on A Wandering Mind is an Unhappy Mind. If you want to help with our Orphanage Relocation in Kenya, you can get more information at the link.


  1. Haven’t heard it yet (should probably listen before I post… :-), oh well..), but the description reminds me of the phrase from a song “if he had come as he deserved”.
    It strikes me, “how IMPOSSIBLE that is!” Can’t happen on this planet, or any planet, or anywhere. The creator “deserves” more than any created thing can offer. Yet, he came. “oh how he loves you and me, oh how he loves you and me!”

  2. Interesting observation that people who are in the moment are more likely to be happy, and those who are not are more likely to be unhappy. I wonder, however, if the cause and effect is not reversed. In other words, people who are presently happy enjoy being in the moment because they are happy there, and those who are presently unhappy in the moment look forward or backward to happier times. I know that’s how it seems to work for me.

    So maybe being happy is the key. But that happiness doesn’t come from the moment itself, but from something deep inside. God is always here in the present moment. But, as Wayne points outs from his college days, that can make a person either happy or unhappy, depending on the perspective… 🙂

  3. Thanks for another podcast which highlights Jesus’ presence. Wow…it is so important to see His presence in the moment and to learn to live there. As I move away from acting and more into integrating my thinking, my emotions and also the “inner” and “outer” me. Wholeness is connected with being integrated in these areas. It’s good to have such thought provoking conversations which have stayed with me throughout this Christmas season with it’s high moments and also difficult moments. May we move into the New Year with a greater sense of His presence in the moment as it unfolds.

  4. In CS Lewis’ Screwtape letters, Lewis portrays the senior demon advising the field demon to keep the target’s thoughts always either on the past (regrets, what might have been, etc) or in anxiety over countless possible futures. That only in the now was the subject in any danger of actually finding God.

    Perhaps that is what Jesus is pointing to when He says; “So do not worry about tomorrow ; for tomorrow will care for itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. Matthew 6:34

    I really like something on this Wayne said sometime ago. Something to the effect that if I knew where God wanted me in 8yrs and I set out to get there under my own steam I would never make it, but if I ask Father what do you want me to do today, then in 8yrs He will have me where He wants me. Blessings Guys.

  5. Thanks guys, really enjoyed this podcast, I think its one of my favourites – apart from the ‘Its Not Chocolate’ of course. I’ve never heard anyone discussing this before and its been so helpful. Happy New Year to you and your families 😀

  6. really great comments and thoughts guys!!!!! thanks for sharing!!!!!!!!!!!

    in Christ,

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