You Are Salt (#523)

When we live with the lie that something is either all right or all wrong, we miss the nuances and textures of God making himself known even through the brokenness of humanity. Brad joins Wayne for a discussion about politics and religious leaders who constantly chose between character and expedience in seeking a place of influence, battling the temptation to justify the means for the greater good they hope to accomplish. How do we recognize the yuck, and yet affirm what God is doing beyond it? Does that negate the importance of character and demonstrating God's nature as best we can in how we treat people and deal with the opportunities of life. We are salt in this world when we can grace the circumstances we're in with his presence. We don't have to impose our will on others, but simply invite them into the most engaging adventure any of us could ever embrace.

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  1. Thanks Wayne and Brad.

    I’ll be voting for Kasich on Tuesday, not because he is from my home state, but I honestly feel he is the best candidate. Do I feel he has a chance to win? Not really…currently he isn’t even leading the polls in Ohio, but I do feel I am protecting my vote the Founding Father’s fought for. ‘But aren’t you throwing away your vote?’, people ask. Well I’d rather throw it toward a candidate I like than to have it stolen and used for a candidate I don’t.

    Love covers a multitude of sins. I often use this premise in my dealings with family and friends, but with people I don’t’know so well,it’s open season. So I can express my negative views to a stranger and be none the worse for it. Social media feeds off of this. What I wouldn’t say face to face, I would say on Facebook. It proves to be both a challenge to and a necessity of relational living which you, Wayne and Brad, have championed the cause of for many years. And I thank you for that.

  2. Have we also abdicated our rolls as active citizens in the hopes that the return of the Lord will fix all of this?

  3. The last 2 podcasts have saddened me for we live in such a broken, broken world. It cannot be other really, because the Church, not as an institution but as a living, breathing, incandescent, life bringing entity has yet to become truly in the world. The thing called church right now holds much of the true bride hostage on an altar of expedience and profit. Babylon. BUT lovely people there is hope! You hear it every week in these podcasts. SHE the bride, is rising because she is in each of us, and the Bridegroom is calling her out. I do pray as Paul did that “out of His glorious riches He would strengthen us (His becoming bride) with power in our inner man, that Christ may dwell in our hearts by faith, and that we, being rooted and grounded in love, will together with ALL the saints grasp, the length, the breadth, the depth and the height, and to KNOW this love that surpasses knowledge, that we may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God. To Him who is able to do exceeding abundantly above and beyond all that we can ask think or imagine, to HIM be GLORY IN THE CHURCH ” …OH I believe that. This beautiful creature arises and becomes all she can be in the world, His furious love within her, expressed through her.. Beloved… There is hope, not just for those who know we are the bride becoming but for all those who don’t. Salt and Light, Just Mercy… we are the light bringers because He is.

  4. Thank you Anne…your words were very encouraging. So thankful that in the midst of broken people, the freedom to make choices and how that all unfolds…His glory, love and strength will have it’s way. His redemption of brokenness is never in doubt. Blessimgs, Sue

  5. Hi Wayne and Brad

    Thanks for your dialogue. Just wanted to say something.

    A client of mine was a Vietnamese boat person. In Vietnam he was a doctor. Here he was a janitor as we did not recogize his degree and financially it was impossible to pursue licensing. His English was hard to understand so it took some time for me to get to know him. When I did I asked him one day what the biggest difference was between life in Vietnam and life in America. I expected him to talk a bit about his more opulant lifestyle in Vietnam or his privileges or social standing he had left behind.

    Instead he said something that took me back. He looked me in the eye and said very simply “When I go to church no one shoots me.” Food for thought my friends.

    Loves wins.


  6. Wayne, was so glad for the final comments. Although we are all entitled to our own political and religious opinions, when I heard Ted Cruz’s name I immeadiately thought, “That is the exact type of thing The God Journey is “against” (for lack of a better word).

    If religious obligation does nothing to truly change us as Christ followers, it surely won’t do any more for a non-Christ following world. And it does seem odd to me that those folks tend to think we can trust people to make good decisions in all areas, economic to environmental, but not the most personal, sexuality.

    Does that mean we need amoral, hedonistic politicians? Of course not…but it seems like that is how many of them, even the “family values” guys turn out. Then again that is the “natural” bent of all our hearts without the direct intervention of the Holy Spirit. And the Lord knows how easily we can choose to ignore Him.

    Grace for the journey.

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