An Adventure With God (#592)

A genuine God Journey is the best adventure of all. Wayne is just back from South Africa and shares from his time there and the excitement of meeting so many young people finding traction in how to live loved. Brad's two boys are trekking through Norway, learning the difference between viewing a country from the train, or getting off the train and experiencing it for yourself. They also talk about an opportunity in Kenya helping a new group of people begin some agriculture, and then hit the mailbag where an email about a personal failure allows Wayne and Brad to revisit their discussion about how religious people add guilt to failure to great destruction and how religion divorced from a significant relationship with Jesus always ends in disaster. They finish up with new research about emotions that show they actually shape reality around us, not just our perception of it.

Podcast Notes:
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Human Emotions Physically Shape Reality
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Helping with Agriculture in Pokot
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  1. Wayne… I heard you “shoulding” on yourself. Maybe it was a slip of the tongue.
    It’s a big world… forgive yourself for not being able to be everywhere for everyone. It’s great that Sara is your priority over the rest of the world. Not everyone remembers to do that.

  2. Dear Wayne & Brad~

    I’m listening to your podcast, “An Adventure with God”, and am rejoicing at your responses to these two young couples who were got married after getting pregnant and what God is doing in their lives! I am proud of those 4 young people who are willing to face what had happened in a mature & self-less way for the child involved. I pray their lives will be long & full of blessing & growing together in the Lord!

    I do have a question though…how do I respond to the early baby boomer generation (my mother and both of my paternal aunts who are early – late 70’s), who know the Lord (my mother has an intimate relationship with Him & both my aunts who are Christians & were raised in church by very godly parents), but are having sex without getting married? I posed this question to her recently and her response was that a lot of older people cohabitate because if they got married they would lose Social Security benefits. Mom is dating a man who she says is her “soul-mate” & she doesn’t “feel” any condemnation from God about their situation. They are not living together, but are taking multiple trips alone together including a cruise in the Fall, so I told her the perception to her family (especially her young adult grandchildren) is that they are having sex. She said they would “probably” get married, but she was waiting for Bill to formally propose (which she believes he will do in the fairly near future). Btw, she JUST got out of a 35 year marriage (ended last October) where she was basically used by her ex as a caregiver for all his mental & physical ailments, so her sense of freedom is through the roof, as it should be.

    I know there’s HUGE Grace in our lives, but I’m just not sure if these relationships will suffer because of what these “older generation” saints are doing, or if God is “just looking the other way”, because they are His children and He knows we have physical needs for affection?

    What are your all’s thoughts? I greatly appreciate your wisdom & input!

  3. Hi Shannon. I’m not sure how to tell you to respond, except to love and not feel responsible for the choices of others. There are a ton of factors her that concern me. Why have laws that encourage people Not to marry? I think marriage is different in God’s eyes than simply following the legal rules of the state. And I still don’t understand people who live together without being joined in marriage, either in God’s eyes or by the state, which are not the same things, surely.

    It seems that people today of any generation are more prone to live by expedience (what’s best for me this moment), rather than having a heart to do what’s right before God and invite his wisdom in doing so. Just because someone doesn’t feel any condemnation from God, doesn’t mean they are making the best, most Godly decision. He doesn’t give out condemnation to begin with.

    I guess I’m old fashioned. I still believe in right and wrong, and what leads to life and what leads to death. Many people try to cut corners and in doing so only create other unintentional consequences down the road that become excruciatingly painful. God hasn’t made a bunch of rules for us to follow for his own benefit, but gives us a way to live that leads to life and freedom. I always think it is best to do things God’s way, but I don’t get to make anyone else’s choices, only my own. The rest I have to leave to God.

    But I hope more an more people will live by God’s ways of doing things and leave that example for others around them, especially the next generation.

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