When Aspiration Becomes Expectation (#921)

"Real faith doesn't rest on what God can do, but what God is doing." When our aspirations turn into expectations of God or ourselves, a life of frustration awaits. By losing sight of the process of God's work in us, we will either blame God or ourselves when we don't see the fruit we hope for. In this episode, Wayne and Kyle revisit their conversation about anticipation and capacity with some of our listeners, keeping in mind that increasing our capacity is not ours to do but what God is doing in us. But first, they talk about dealing with changes in life—of loss and disappointment—and how to deal with them in a way that heals the past and opens doors in the present. They also spend some time on the phrase "speaking my truth."

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  1. I study 2books which consistently help me glean who I am and the ebb and flow between my aspirations and Capacity. The Bible for my Fathers perspective and the Book He allows me to Author – The Book of Me. Though I am the only expert on the latter book, He is constantly editing me as we go. Therefor, I am in good hands. Many other writing are so very helpful, but I find those the most useful to me.

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