Religion’s Antidote

Why do passionate disciples of the Living God continue to get caught in the system of religious obligation? Because they have not understood that God has satisfied in himself all that he would ever require of us to have full and complete access to his presence. He did that in the cross of Jesus Christ, and if we understood the power of the cross, we would never fall victim again to the manipulations and appeals of religious obligation. In their latest podcast Brad and Wayne discuss what happened at the cross and how it frees us from the bondage of religion so that we can live together as Father's family.

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  1. Wow, guys! This is JUST what I needed to hear to help me clarify a whole lot of things that are going on in my heart at the moment. Amazing! You know those times when it’s one of those real ‘I am really hooked into your wavelength on this’ – it felt like that webcast was just for me. And then I find that the next thing you are doing is with the latest letter from Andrew Strom – another area that I am questioning and a bit unsure about. Wow guys.

    But even when your webcasts aren’t so ‘wow this was for me’ – they are still great. I love sitting down with a cuppa here over the other side of the world in Australia and listening to you guys and playing JT’s Blocks ;O) and it feels like I’m hanging out with a couple of blokes who are having a chin wag and coming up with a lot of stuff which is on the Father’s heart. I am really enjoying it and I encourage you both to keep going with it.

    As for the times – 30 mins vs 1 hour. I can understand what people are saying when they think 1 hour is too long; but I think 30 minutes is too short! How about 45 minutes!!!

    Cheers, blessings, & stuff


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