When a Move of God Fades (#718)

"Every move of God is born in cave and dies in a cathedral." One of the most perplexing realities of church life over the last 2000 years is to watch as God begins to move on the hearts of his people and watch how quickly that is taken captive to would-be leaders, who would prefer to come up with curricula, policies, or programs that distract people from the purity and simplicity of following the Lamb wherever he leads. During his stay in Richmond, Wayne took some time to sit down with Richard Hanes, a dear friend who has had an interesting vantage point to watch how God moves and how men turn his work into movements that eventually squeeze out the life of Jesus.

Podcast Notes:
Wayne's Travel Schedule
Five Common Elements - an article by Richard Hanes
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  1. As is usually the case, I had to go back and re-listen to this podcast a couple of times. It’s just as Paul said,”What the Spirit begins, we are far too often bewitched into thinking the systems of Men will perfect., But I am encouraged more and more Wayne, that increasing numbers within the body are awakening to this reality. But it is my prayer and my sense that a larger move of the spirit is going to be poured out upon smaller relational groups where people are desiring to have the spirit operate more fully in their personal relationships with one another. Perhaps similar to the gatherings you join into on your travels, or the “action groups” from decades past that Richard spoke of. – Shalom!

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