So, You Want to Teach (#724)

After Julie and Wayne recorded a podcast a month ago, Wayne asked his daughter a question and her answer surprised him. Mulling on it over the past month, he's had to face his own past and whether teaching and writing really spring from a gift in his life or his own vocational ambition. Since our religious systems view teaching as a chosen profession, those who want to do it prepare at a young age and try to ply their gift on others even if they don't find it helpful. That can be helpful in passing on academic information, but what about spiritual formation? What if we saw teaching differently, resulting from a quality of life and an ability to help others see more clearly, rather than vying for a place on a stage, where our motives can be confused. It's easy to play the publishing/speaker/podcaster game and miss what it really means to help God's light and life shine into the world, especially when you look for personal validation in the size of your audience.

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  1. Hey Wayne, we are a couple of those old fogies who still tune in regularly! ? So glad we do because today’s conversation with Julie was jam packed with great stuff that David and I enjoyed so much. Just love the conversations, the natural unfolding of sharing our lives with one another . Drives me nuts when I’m engaged in a conversation and I walk away feeling as if I was engaged with a book rather than a person.

    Anyway, we laughed, we talked about some stuff where your conversation unexpectedly served as a spring board to ask more questions and ponder a couple of things. So it was really neat. Thanks!

    Blessings to you both…and lots of love.

  2. Yup! Love it! Small groups, Love the next person in front of you….no ulterior motives like boosting your ministry!!! One of my church friends keeps telling me I have a ministry here where I live….I cringe…I’m just me…a daughter of the most wonderful friend ever! My BFF! None of that other jive! Love you Wayne and Julie…

  3. One more thing…I have been reading “He Loves Me” through this time and it’s so comforting…love it! I would like to buy a few copies to give as gifts…can I buy them from you?

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