A Craving for Change (#708)

Every restaurant has two or three crave items that are meant to make your mouth water whenever you think of it.  As A Language of Healing for a Polarized Nation launched in Los Angeles last weekend, coauthors Arnita and Bob were in town to record with Wayne the audio version of the book for release at the end of the year. They took a break from their recording to talk about people craving for a change in our national dialogue from animosity to greater mutual respect even in the face of different perspectives. While the book may be an easy read, living out its message will challenge you at every turn.

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  1. Wow… I think I am waiting for the audio version to be my first run through the book. I so much like hearing the different voices in my head instead of mine. When I read a book, I hear myself dictate the words in my head, when I listen to the audio, (if recorded by the author)… I hear the words come from the person or persons who are trying to get the message across. This seems like a book that needs to be heard in the voices that wrote the book.

    Thank you Wayne, Arnita and Bob for making this personal. I definitely want to wait for the audio.

    Ruby from Calmar Alberta, Canada…
    (Oh yeah… maybe not American… but definitely living in a culture and country that exhibits polarization as a practice. Thank for the book)

  2. Thank you Wayne, Arnita, Bob for this book that arrives in Barcelona, Spain as fresh water on hot summer afternoon.
    I’m anxious to read it, I wish you could translate it into Spanish!!!. There are so many wounded relationships, some broken by not being able to respect and listen each other. We are living a very difficult time in these latitudes (socially, politically, …) and unfortunately (almost) nothing is different from those who claim to be Chrsitians … I am absolutely convinced that God will use this book to heal wounds and broken hearts.!!!
    Thank you Abba for the gifts and wisdom you have given to these my beloved brothers!
    With love, Pablo

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