When Relationships Get Tricky (#822)

Life is too short to waste time on faked-up relationships that diminish you as a person. Kyle and Wayne first explore this idea considering whether there are any bad choices one can make that puts them beyond love's reach. Then they consider a new podcast looking into the recent Jerry Falwell, Jr and the scandals at Liberty University, before wrestling with the frustration of God not making himself known in the way someone might expect him to do so. Finally, In a recent training on Clifton's Strength Finders, Kyle came across the description of a Relator, which he thought applied to Wayne. That draws them into a conversation about how learning to live loved transforms our hearts to make more room for people and to value sincerity in our relationships.

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  1. Thank you for discussing Gangster Capitalism on your podcast. I was shocked to learn the truth and saddened to learn just how broken our world is. I am grateful to be set free from another delusion. Thank you again.

  2. Do you know which date of Gangster Capitalism that you referred to here on this epicode. I see that seaon 3 has many episodes and I am basically just wanting to read what you mentioned here. Thanks.

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