Expectations that Ruin the Journey

There's nothing that will ruin a relationship faster than disappointed expectations in someone else. This problem is magnified infinitely when that someone else is God. So many believers we meet on this journey have gotten sidetracked by their disappointed expectations in God's work in their lives. Brad and Wayne take a look at how our expectations can ruin the journey by putting more confidence in our wisdom than on Father's affection for us.

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  1. I listened to this twice and am listening to it right now as I type and totally agree with what you said about folks that work hard to do everything right and to please God only to be let down and that it is all a farce and lie.

    And I am at the point now of just hoping God does exist and His promise and gift of eternal life is real, because my personal belief of hell or what happens if it all is a farce is that we simply cease to exist.
    (Side note – Since a child raised I was taught and heard of the burning for ever in Hell for sinner and after reading the Bible on my own at 16 that had me asking –
    “Burning in Hell forever is Eternal life to – just a miserable one.” – Yow!

    However – like you mentioned, I echo exactly what Peter said – I got nowhere else to go.

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