A Man Like No Other

Wayne and Brad have just finished their most recent book, A Man Like No Other: The Illustrated Life of Jesus. Their words were added to the artistic brush of Murry Whiteman to conclude a project that has been in his heart for twenty years. The result is a 128-page, full-color art book containing panoramic images drawn from the gospels with stories to help you think through the life of Jesus without all the religious garb we usually add to the story. In this podcast, they wanted to introduce you to Murry and let him share a bit of his story in coming to know Jesus himself and what inspired the paintings in this new book. Murry talks freely about his story learning to live in the love of Jesus and some of the trouble he encountered with some of the naysayers in his life. And, no, Murry is not the man like no other, Jesus is! Though Murry is a pretty unique character.

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Pre-order A Man Like No Other from one of these three websites: Murry's website, Windblown Media, or Lifestream


  1. There’s a lot to like in this podcast, but my favorite part is the story about, “Why does the moon follow the car?” Seems Murry’s daughter didn’t really want to know the answer to the question, she just needed to be reassured that her Daddy knew the what moon was doing, and that he was okay with it.

    So could it be that sometimes when people ask the, “If God is a loving then why ___________?” questions, they just need some reassurance that God is real and that He truly loves us, even if we don’t have all the answers?

  2. What a great and worthwhile promo for the book!
    What I like best is hearing the heart of Murry and knowing that is what he has put into it – and Wayne and Brad as well.

  3. I agree that the story of the moon is an excellent word picture of God’s reassurance for us, too. What struck me most was his story about honoring his wife. I have not had that situation, but I have experienced the respect I’ve gained from opposition when they realize that my walk with Christ is genuine. Hypocrisy merely increases hostility. When opposition knows that you genuinely believe and stand by your faith, they respect you for doing so. Trying to be seeker friendly undermines respect in the opposition.

  4. Totally loved this ongoing conversation. I especially loved hearing Murray’s story some of which in his coming to the Lord so resonated with how I too was apprehended <3

  5. Another encouraging conversation. The story I enjoyed best was also the story w/ Murray’s daughter. Learning to trust that God in the “driver’s seat” and being comfortable w/ that is a process indeed. i am learning to trust Him without demanding an outcome..may he help me. Thanks for the encouragment.

  6. I love the way in which Wayne and Brad always allow us to feel included in a God Journey conversation; a family discussion indeed. Wayne, Brad and Murry obviously know each others’ story all too well, and yet the listener gets prequel-like insight into Murry’s background, and his passion for this special book.

    Thanks guys, it’s always so fresh and lively! Hope to hear from Murry again soon!

    Man, we’re blessed in Christ Jesus!

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