The Gap Between Aspiration and Capacity (#914)

What are we to conclude about ourselves when our lives don't live up to our aspirations? Does that mean we are hypocrites or not committed enough? Wayne and Kyle talk about the gap between aspiration and capacity as the place to recognize the untangling that Father is doing in our hearts. Recognizing both the reality of my desires and my capacity to meet them looks beyond our own efforts to recognize God's work. They also talk about certainty in God's leading and whether it is good or not to check our emotions at the door when we seek to follow him.

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  1. The gap between aspiration and capability. Oh how helpful this is. It has taken quite a while for the penny to drop but it has been liberating in understanding why I simply can’t walk closely with Jesus through the day as I long to…to many distractions, too much looking in other directions to still the hunger inside. But just to know and recognise this means that my capabilities WILL grow as I trust the Holy Spirit to change me. When would I ever have heard this in traditional church?

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