The Scandal of Particularity (#837)

When God sends his Son to redeem the world, how is that Jesus stays in a very small region of Israel and a few dozen people? What does that say about the people living in Africa, Asia, or the Americas back in that day? Some use the term "scandal of particularity" to describe how God works in specific ways, at specific times in specific locations to put love and life into the world, and hopes it spreads organically from there. Maybe life in Jesus is best learned from a brother or sister a little further down the road rather than from a sermon, book, or podcast. Our attempts to mass-produce discipleship often means we use the "I can't do it for everybody," to miss doing it for somebody. Kyle and Wayne also spend some time on the front end talking about how God we discern, identify, and follow God's 'voice' in our lives.

Podcast Notes:
The Dante Study Wayne in which Wayne is participating