Strong Man or Wild Goose? (#821)

The quest for certainty makes you a sitting duck for those who want to deceive you. The Spirit of God offers us an outrageous adventure of learning to follow him even in the uncertainties of life, and yet we often find ourselves craving the false security of being more certain than our grasp of truth warrants and more drawn to people who offer pat answers than learning how to ride the wings of the Spirit and watch him transform us. That expresses itself in so many ways as Wayne and Kyle talk about theological reasoning, the quest for a king, the recent Rise and Fall of Mars Hill podcasts, and dealing with demonic influences. In each, we are confronted with the constant choice to be led by the Spirit or fall victim to someone trying to take his place in our hearts.

Podcast Notes:
The Elliptical Playground in The Jesus Lens
The Rise and Fall of Mars Hill Podcast
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  1. Hello Wayne and Kyle

    Kyle, your comment about wisdom is being able to hold two opposing thoughts in one’s mind at the same time, reminded me of a book titled The Opposable Mind by Roger Martin. I found it fascinating.

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