Love And Conformity Cultures (#947)

After an invitation to join Kyle and Wayne to pray for a younger generation to come alive with hearts to know God, they talk about the conflict between love and conformity cultures found in corporate environments as well as religious institutions. How does love find a place where performance is more important than transformation? Conformity focuses on control, while love lays down control to invite people on a journey of discovery and wholeheartedness. If we don't find people loveable even as they struggle in the darkness, we will not be able to open a door for them into the light.

Podcast Notes:


  1. You’re right Wayne. These younger generations need our prayer. I will hold These generations before the Lord the rest of my days. Over the last couple of decades I have received so much encouragement from these 2 generations that I often forget that many of them are still floundering. It was a millennial though that taught me that not only did I not have to vote for the lesser of 2 evils out of FEAR & SLANDER, but that I would have to dedicate too much Kingdom time trying to figure out which was the lesser and who was the greater evil.

    Thy KINGDOM come, Transforming my mind, my prayers and my desires & actions.

    • …Just a connected thought. Wayne you mentioned “If we could help people Discover their LOVEABLEITY…”, God has shown me to see the story of Cain in Genesis 4:16 – 22. It is as if God is telling all who would encounter this text, a Grandfather telling anyone who would have ears to hear, about this eternally beloved child of his, CAIN!

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