The Divisiveness of Love (#851)

If we could only be more loving, wouldn't the world would chase after the Jesus we know? One would think so. However, if that were true, how could the best demonstration of the Father's love be executed in his early 30s by the religious and political leaders of his day? In response to an article by David French, Wayne and Kyle talk about how genuinely loving people around us won't necessarily endear them to us or the Gospel. There are reasons why human pride and brokenness resist love, and we need not be surprised to learn that loving people doesn't always win friends and influence people.

Podcast Notes:
The Jake Colsen Book Club 
Regretting What I Believe by David Tensen
Why Compassion Is Divisive by David French


  1. I enjoyed reading “Why Compassion is Divisive” and I also listened to his podcast on the “partisan mind.” Thank you for passing this info along to us. It is all so informative and beneficial. And thank you for continuing your podcast series. My husband, who is a chaplain in the Navy, is deployed to South Korea for a year unaccompanied by family. No matter how much I do to keep myself busy and surround myself with friends and family, there are still lonely days to be faced. I so much appreciate signing on and listening whenever there is a new episode. So thank you. Blessings to you both.

    • I’m sorry for your separation, Nancy, while your husband is serving our country. I can’t imagine how hard that is for such long periods of time. I’m glad we can be a distraction for you during this season and a blessing as well. May God continue to give you all the grace and light you nee to thrive and be fruitful even while he is away. I’m sure Father has many adventures for you.

  2. Brothers, Thanks for a great podcast/fellowship. I’m tempted to say; best podcast yet, but I’d like to think I understand the Kingdom of God, Grace, Compassion & know Christ in a better way today than when I first began listening in 7 or so years ago.

    Another fire-hose podcasts. I could spend weeks going through this one
    and the related references. The book “The Body Keeps the Score”. Is a timely gift to me right now, still working through it.

    Nancy, your entries are also encouraging, particularly your comments on the January 28th podcast. Thans and may you rest in a fuller measure of His Spirit during this time apart from your Beloved.

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  3. The traditional mindset, loving everyone and being compassionate, guarantees folk will enter the kingdom, right? One thought Father gave me in the past: “Until what people believe will work fails, they will not seek something else.” But even consequences and outcomes don’t guarantee someone will seek the kingdom. Pointedly, we can believe strongly in a delusion and spend years floating around in the mire while going no where. It’s a grand plan that Father seeks us out for a return to fellowship with Him. Even in that mire, He is tossing us a myriad of ropes and ladders. The school of thought which places us at the helm of our own salvation is a a horrible construct! Hence, we are called to be witnesses to all and to be His disciples; the results with others will very and are left best within His hands. Back in 2017, I went on a trip to New Orleans: on the morning I first stepped onto the streets, I entered a corridor which led to the alley/street behind. When my eyes saw the people upon the street, I was hit with such compassion it almost took me to my knees. I will never forget how much my heart ached and yearned for those people. Compassion and forgiveness are absolutely necessary, but there is no guarantee someone will receive these from your heart to theirs. Just because someone witnesses compassion and forgiveness does not guarantee they will yield to His love. You may bare witness to all, and only disciple a few along the way.

  4. Question…if someone comes to you with accusations against you such as “you don’t love me, you’re not into me, you don’t want me, you don’t respect me, I don’t trust you“ how does one be a safe spot for that person through that season until they can find victory to believe the best about you instead of accusing you…along with doing your best to make any changes needed to help love and respect that person better. How does one be a safe spot but also not accept mental abuse?

    Thank you I loved this podcast and wrote that special quote down and pray pray pray to be that for my family and children as they grow up…that their brains may specialize in exploration, play and cooperation

    • Hi Victoria. Wayne here. Tough question and a lot of it depends on who it is and why they are treating you that way. Some do it out of a genuine fear of love to try and push someone away. Others might use it to manipulate you to do what they want you to do or as blackmail to share with others. All we can do is love, even when we’re not being loved. We can look for ways for God to help us respond in ways that will help, but sometimes it just doesn’t matter how we love they either don’t want it, or can’t yet receive it. Just keep loving at whatever level they allow and see how it plays out in the future. The Spirit will show you how to remain available if you have the freedom for it, or how to take some distance if it’s abusive. I pray he’ll walk with you through this. It sounds like someone you value very much and I’m sure this hurts.

  5. Amen thank you very much for this wisdom Wayne. Yes very close and I am thankful Father God has put a shield around me protecting me with His word and thoughts over me as we walk this journey.

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