Are the Spirits Still Dancing? (#769)

"None of us are immune to the power of what our hearts have grown to love." Do you remember the vision we shared on this podcast a while back about two demonic spirits dancing together over a map of the United States? Given all the events of the last few months, Wayne invited Bob back to discuss what he sees of that vision and how those spirits are involved in the increased polarization of our country over the past few months. The rise in anger and violence portends a troubled future if we don't do our part to disarm those principalities and powers with humility and prayer.

Podcast Notes:
The Social Dilemma documentary
What Jerry Falwell Taught Me at Liberty University
Charisma Article - The Spiritual Reality
Past Podcasts with Bob
The Spirits Danced - Part 1 & Part 2
Can You Help Us One More Time in Kenya? 





  1. And for those wondering about my dad’s house at Shaver Lake and our cabin alongside his, they are still standing and the trees around them are green as ever. The fire went by but stayed more than a mile away. Unfortunately, however, there is still some chance that an appendage of the fire will burn up the backside, so we’re not out of the woods yet. But good news so far!

  2. To sum it up, we need pray for our enemies and encourage others to do so. It’s really hard to pray for an “enemy” whether it’s a politician or your neighbor, and still despise them or to even fear them, as we sense the love of God for them.

  3. Thanks again for a great podcast, and all the guest voices, Wayne.

    I really appreciated those two articles that you provided the links for as well. They are such a spot-on contrast, that really reflect the tensions between the kingdom of man and Kingdom of God.
    With the current political landscape, one can’t but help drawing a parallel with what the Jewish nation was expecting from the Messiah, at the time of Rome’s occupation: a saviour that would ride in swords-a-blazing, overthrow the Roman government and “rule with an iron fist” over the unbelievers.
    We always seem to miss the Saviour through our own veiled expectations; the story of humanity always wanting to put “someone” tangible on a throne, who rules “over“ (with impunity). Today’s evangelical Pharisees and Sadducees still fall into the same trap, don’t they? Missing the real Saviour, who ushers in His Kingdom with a love that transforms from within.

    Bless you for being the ever faithful encourager, Wayne! That goes for you too Bob (I enjoy your content with Emad).

    PS Have you come across the series “The Chosen”, at all? I would love to hear your thoughts on the podcast one day.

  4. Thanks for your gracius words, Grant. You’re so right about conflating our spiritual passions with our political desires and missing God in the process.

    As far as “The Chosen” I’ve seen bits of it, but it isn’t something I’d normally watch. I have a lot of friends who love it, but I’m always distracted by whatever agenda they might have that twists the Scriptures just slightly, or even more religiously. I don’t know that this does that. I’ve heard it doesn’t, but I’d rather stay with Jesus as he’s revealing himself to me through the Scriptures that navigate someone else’s interpretation. I know, I’m weird that way but it saves me from being too critial it goes off the rails.

  5. I really enjoyed this discussion. I’m new to this podcast, although I just finished reading “He Loves Me” for the second time in the last few years. Your book has been such a blessing to me on my journey to discarding the favor line; thank you for sharing your insight with the world.

    This podcast episode really resonated with me. God has really opened my eyes over the last few years to see exactly what you guys discussed. Particularly, it is to Satan’s credit that so many conflate patriotism and nationalism with Christianity, as if they are one and the same. It’s such a toxic and dangerous belief (often unconscious) that is not biblical or of the kingdom. As well, neither party should ever claim to have “moral authority” as the hypocrisy that is so rampant makes it clear that this claim is untrue. As you said, if we are following the Jesus of the Bible (not one of our own making) then all of this becomes clear. But unfortunately, imo, too many times we settle for religiosity rather than true biblical allegiance.

    But just out of curiosity, have you read “The Myth of a Christian Nation” by Gregory Boyd? It talks a lot about what was covered in this podcast episode, and I found it to be excellent.

    • I haven’t read all of Boyd’s book, but I’m well aware of what’s inside, having scanned it at homes I’ve stayed in and hearing a lot of conversation about its content. I love his perspective there, but unfortunately, we are in the minority among evangelicals who find themselves as enamored with political power as were the Pharisees in Jesus’ day. This is not how his kingdom comes. That doesn’t mean we can’t be involved politically but in the last four years my fellow believers have been manipulated with their fears and deluded with the proximity to power. It makes my heart hurt.

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