Why Religion Doesn’t Work

Dave Coleman, a long-time friend of Wayne's and his co-writer on So You Don't Want to Go To Church Anymore, joins Wayne and Brad for a free-ranging discussion about the failure of religion to subvert the power of sin in our lives and free us to live fully and completely in the life of Jesus. They discuss an article that Dave wrote called Why Religion Doesn't Work, a powerful look at how legalism destroys the power of the gospel by turning our attention away from Jesus and feeding our own need to control others and events around us.


  1. Hi Dave, (I have met Wayne) I agree with the problem of churchianity that you’ve written about. However, it is about the guilt people carry that I wish to comment on. Satan is the accuser, right? He lays on the guilt. We are exhorted to resist him (spiritual warfare) and I encounter scores of saints who are ignorant of this. In my counseling times I have seen hundreds of saints severly demonized and once the demons have been cast out, only then do they get free. It is the power of God (1 Co 2:4) that gets the job done and too many leaders are ignorant or unwilling to step up to the plate. I would like to think that the dear lady who was suffereing, had she been told about the accuser and then the lying spirit expelled, might have recovered or died in peace (if her time was up). What do you think?

  2. Callum, any religion is useless …. knowing Jesus one on one is VITAL and ETERNAL.

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