When the Church Leaves the Building

The boys from Family Room Media are back to talk about their ongoing journey discovering life outside the box of organized religion. We first met David Fredrickson a year and a half ago as he shared how their traditional congregation in Sacramento, California decentralized itself out of existence as God led them to deeper expressions of his life and a freer relational life- among them. (See Archives, 4/29/05). He has just published a book, When the Church Leaves the Building, that chronicles their journey and shares the lessons they learned. Family Room Media is also releasing the first a four-part documentary called Church Outside the Walls. It asks some provocative questions of those who are no longer involved in traditional congregations and the discoveries they've made following God in this way. Wayne and Brad interview David, and the director of this new DVD, Bob Humphrey as we get a preview of these new resources and a look at their ongoing journey.


  1. Hello people,
    I am finding a common agreement with you about the established religion in America. It seems so much Gnosticism, entertainment, machinery, country club membership but not the presence of the Lord.

    Today’s church does not know Him, hear Him or walk with Him, the last nine years of ministry I took by faith into manufacturing plants, walking the plants each day, visiting the sick, in hospital, mentoring the workers with deep issues, weddings, funerals, helps to over 2000 families.

    The local churches shunned me I was competition in their eyes, I did not fit their mold, I was not approved. But The Lord helped by the Holy Spirit dozens upon dozens to find their walk with Him.

    Now I live in Tyler Texas, I have not been able to find Christians of a like mind and I would enjoy a fellowship that participates in sharing. I write a bible study, but these folks keep to themselves.

    I am still in Love with The Lord Jesus Christ, but it is lonely. Gregory

  2. I stumbled on this and i am happy that some other persons feel like i do. Yes though i am not finding this journey with the lord easy(outside organized religion) i still do believe that it is the way to true relationship with the father and the comforter. Gregory i have been going through mis understanding with people around and i just know they don’t understand and can’t see. This is truly it’s a lonely road.
    let’s share what the lord is doing.

  3. Wow, you guys!

    I am glad to know I am not the only one, I knew I wasn’t crazy. I believe it was the Spirit of the Lord impressing the words “no more church as usual” upon my heart over two years ago. Now I know it truly was him. Gregory, I know how you feel. Even though, I know the Lord is with me, I still feel so alone at times. But, I know I cannot go back to church as I knew it to be. Everything is going to be alright, so keep your head up. God loves you dearly.

    Your sis,


  4. My husband and I are experiencing the same journey as mentioned here and in the interview. Have been on this journey for 10 yrs. Feeling like we were all alone in our dilemma about where to settle in at another church, just not feeling it’s “right” any where. Now we’re beginning to understand why. It’s that same “unsettled” feeling that something is just not right inside the institutional church anywhere. Now we’re just beginning to see that we are not alone after hearing something like this and hearing a local talk show host talk about these things on his show every Friday. Thank God for him coming out with this “controversial” and uncomfortable affirmations so that many more of us don’t feel like we’re the Lone Rangers!

  5. I have been wrestling with remaining in the institutional church. I really do feel it has failed us but have no where to turn. How can Christian and lonely end up in the same sentence. I know it does not belong together. I know God will deliver me. I am praying for those of us that long for a real community life instead of religion.

  6. Check out the Simple Church website….they have a forum with tons of believers outside the traditional church whom you can discuss with, fellowship with, perhaps even meet with if you desire and they are in your area….

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