Enjoying Real Relationships

Listener reaction to the podcast Wayne and Brad did two weeks ago with Paul, opens up a new discussion about a hunger for real relationships among brothers and sisters. They talk about how our insecurities and self-focused preoccupation can subvert the very relationships God wants to give us, and how only his healing can change that. They also discuss how relationships grow from the simple risk to spend time with a stranger and the friendships that can grow from loving who God puts before you each day without expectation. They end up discussing the difference between relationships that grow organically in life and how attempts we make to organize that often result in someone just building another pen to contain God's people.

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  1. At this point in my journey I am working through insecurities. My insecurities are a result of hurtful relationships with my parents and a presvious marriage. Personal boundaries have been crossed as a youth leading me to question my value which resulted in me being too focused on performance when it comes to relationships. I believed that I could not make a mistake and when I did I am quick to make an excuse or to explain the reason for the mistake all the while not accepting and owning the mistake and trying to learn from it.

    When Brad talked about what Paul said about value statements versus observations made by others, it really hit home for me. A lot things became more clear about myself. I take simple observations as value statements. Reallizing this and changing the way I receive observations has had a positive impact on relationships just in the past few weeks.

    Thank you Brad and Wayne for sharing your lives and the relationships you two have with others. The perspectives and insights you two share has had a real positive impact on my life with God.

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