Prophecies of Doom

First Christchurch, NZ, then Sendai, Japan, is California next? If you listen to some of the prophecies flying around these days everyone should move out of California instantly or be swallowed up in the coming catastrophe. So why are Wayne and Brad staying and how do we deal with prophecies of doom that rise up from time to time? Since Brad knows firsthand many of those involved in the latest prophecy of doom he can offer a unique perspective, both in his love for those involved and his irritation at their most recent bulletin. We are invited to follow Jesus with the light he's given us, not to follow others just because they say, "Thus says the Lord!"

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  1. Don’t move to Arkansas! I grew up there, right on top of the New Madrid fault, which some say is potentially more dangerous than the San Andreas fault.

  2. There are things that happen on this planet as a matter of normal operations that, to us, are tragic. God has done things on this planet that, to us, seem tragic. It seems to me, though, when God does do something on the earth, everyone involved is well aware that it is God doing it.

    Nobody involved in the flood had any doubt as to who was responsible and why. Nobody involved in the wars that fell on Israel had any doubt as to what was happening. When God does it, there is no doubt about who or why.

    When man tries to blame God for some event or use that event in the name of God to promote their own agenda, then the humans have a lot of explaining to do.

  3. I will someday tell you of all the craziness that has come from Bob Jones in regards to St Louis and that fault and the coming earthquake and it opening up the South Gate. The club we used to attend all those years ago when we walked out on the institutional gig actually a couple years ago changed their name from Victory Fellowship to South Gate πŸ™‚

  4. Love the banter & I hear you Wayne on being able to take a vision or something from prayer & do my thing with it. All I need to do is follow Jesus, simple.

    Love it, thanks for the conversation & laughs.

    I already heard Gail Erwin that podcast downloaded to my itunes this week. It was really good & I will enjoy listening again.

  5. Great conversation! The thing that was so funny, being a Californian myself, your conversation was thought for thought and at times word for word what my wife and I and friends of mine already talked about. So what is God saying to us Californians? – Pretty interesting that folks up here living in Northern California are having the same thoughts and saying the same things you guys are – and we haven’t even been in contact with you! That was very encouraging!

  6. Some time ago I went through some turbulent times and wondered “if God was speaking” and/or “what should I do?”

    I spent a few long walks trying to “determine God’s will” and “what He was saying.”

    One key message He spoke was, “It’s not God’s wisdom (or plan) if it includes an ‘if-than’ statement or the phrase ‘maybe if.”

    If a prophetic word includes “maybe if” I’m quick to doubt it’s God’s.

  7. Great podcast, guys! You changed my heart for today. Much appreciation.
    Oh, don’t move to Nashville anytime soon lol
    It’s flood/tornado season! haha


  8. Thank you for bringing me back to center, Preparation vs. Running in Fear.
    God has never whispered anything to me that would urge me to be concerned about the survival of my family, even in the most trying of times! His provision and mercy have been there.
    I must have forgotten the God Who Whispers, and opted instead to hearken to the ‘alerts of the times.’ Bless this Podcast~ O Lord.

  9. You know, there just isn’t anything that beats walking in the love of the Father and trusting His good heart toward us in all circumstances. It’s so easy to get caught up in the politics of the day, or the latest fad prophecy of doom and gloom. I remember this stuff going on in the early 70s and yet to this day, the world hasn’t ended. But Christians can get so easily sidetracked by “lesser causes”.

    Oh, and the New Madrid fault (Mo and AR) doesn’t get as much airplay, probably because of the population differences between So Calif and the bootheel of Missouri area. But in the late 1800’s, there was such a violent earthquake that it shifted the Mississippi River, and left part of it stranded by a land mass, creating what is now called Reelfoot lake. It’s a great fishing spot now.

    Who knows, maybe someday Los Angelos will be an island! Beachfront property near Barstow!

  10. We were very close to the Black Saturday bushfires in Melbourne, and recently moved to Auckland New Zealand.
    What strikes me as common b/w both tragedies wasn’t how many people were killed, but how many miracles there were! I heard so many stories of people who should have been killed and were not. If you want to know where God was in these situations, just listen to these stories.

  11. Hey Guys – I have a very interesting perspective to consider based on some teaching I have been hearing lately. I am just going to throw this out there. I have heard it taught (and it makes sense) that when Jesus took upon himself THE SIN OF THE WORLD and BECAME SIN, absolutely ALL (100%) of The Father’s WRATH, ANGER, and JUDGEMENT was poured out upon Jesus once and for all. That being said it means that JESUS bore the JUDGEMENT, WRATH, and ANGER for sin past present and future and APPEASED GOD’S RIGHTEOUS ANGER once and for all. Therefore there are believers who say that when a person suffers, or when a nation suffers it is “GOD’S JUDGEMENT.” But my question is – why would GOD JUDGE or PUNISH a people or a nation – when His Judgement already fell on JESUS? Was Jesus’ sacrifice not enough that now we have to pay for our sin through sickness, disaster, and disease as well? Now, if we sow acts of unrighteousness in our bodies, in our lives, in our nations, in the earth… there WILL IN FACT be a “HARVEST” for bad seed sown – but that “HARVEST” is the natural reaction to what WE DO – not GOD punishing man again when He already accepted the sacrifice Jesus paid so that WE WOULD NOT BE JUDGED, PUNISHED, or SUFFER because of sin! Our bodies age due to the physical death process at work due to a fallen nature. Is “old age” God’s JUDGEMENT OR CURSE FOR SIN? The earth ages, and things happen naturally – is it GOD KILLING THOUSANDS of people because they don’t honor Him? If that is in fact the case – than JESUS PAID FOR OUR SIN – and WE (Humanity) STILL HAVE TO PAY FOR OUR SIN – and in that we are saying that the work of calvary is insufficient to please an “Angry God.” When in reality it is the other way around – HE LOVED US SO MUCH that he provided the sacrifice – accepted it long ago – and aches longing to see people receive it by Grace through Faith. The provision has been made – but folks just haven’t cashed in on it yet and as a result they reap the fruit of their actions sown (not the judgement of God) in their lives. When we as believers can understand this great myster of love – we will stop blaming God and condemning people in the process.

    What do you guys think? My name is Jay and my e-mail is

    Thanks – God Bless!

  12. Hi guys
    I didn’t think I had anything to add to this weeks podcast, as you seemed to have said it all. However this morning in my reading I came across this scripture in the Message …

    ‘Avoid the talk-show religion and the practiced confusion of the so-called experts. 21 People caught up in a lot of talk can miss the whole point of faith.’ in 1 Timothy 6:20 – 21.

    Just thought it was interesting.

    You guys are the best – keep on keeping on in Him.

  13. I shared some of this prophetic stuff from Joyner and others with my son-in-law recently. His response to it pretty well summed it up best for me: “Useless, ambiguous, self-serving nonsense”.

  14. Thanks for a very helpful discussion on the nature of the prophecies.

    One thing standing out for me from listening – and other things – is that each of us needs to hear Father for ourselves.
    The story of Agabus and Paul was a great summary for me. My [current] take on this is that Father used Agabus to prepare Paul and his friends for what would happen, not so they could avoid it but to assist them in going through it well.

    Paul got to Rome but the route was amazing – and it impacted a lot of people – even including people on an island in the middle of the Mediterranean!

    I don’t believe we have the right to tell others what to do.


  15. Not necessarily commenting on this specific situation (though it does apply, I think), but in general I question the belief that God speaks words of fear to his people, rather than words of hope–even if the circumstance being addressed holds potential danger. (This is not the same as a warning of imminent danger, which any loving father would give to his child.) “Raising fear without giving hope” just doesn’t sound like the Father I know, and seems contrary to the love that casts out all fear.

  16. Dear Sir(s):
    I am looking for someone to publish my Book of Minor Prophecies. Below is an excerpt from chapter 3 verses 1-5.

    β€œIn the fifth month of the year, you and your household shall take your chariot and proceed to the east gate of the Wall of Mart. You shall plunder many discount ornaments and abominations. Let not the buyer boast or rejoice. And you shall return to your dwelling by way of the golden arches, a place where you will be defiled. When you pass-thru, you are to eat McDung cakes baked with a hin of fat that are prepared for you, but they will remain in you three days before passing. Fear not, nor be dismayed but be of good courage for many times shall pass followed by two times many times and a bunch more times.”

    Laugh now but one day you will look back and wonder, how the Gehenna did he know all of this so far in advance? Thank me later, or just buy the book.

  17. I really like Jay’s question, especially in light of what I’ve been reading in “He Loves Me”. Looking forward to a response.

  18. Well I guess we are pretty safe here in South Africa…No one seems to remember when a large earthquake happened, obviously God isn’t punishing us!

  19. Hi Wayne & Brad
    Maybe people should take Pauls words to heart when he wrote to the church in Ephesus telling them that he kept asking God the father to give them a Spirit of Wisdom and Revelation, in order that they might know him better. Eph 1 v 17.
    It seems to me that this is a couplet that was intended to go hand in glove. Wisdom and Revelation. We need wisdom in order to interpret revelation correctly.
    Enjoy the podcasts
    Cornwall. England

  20. Thanks for yet another great podcast ! We are so driven by what ifs and fear it was good to hear you guys add some balance to the doom and gloom conversation. In the south it seems that every place of worship is doing something on the book of Revelation and driving folks by fear. Keep up the good work!

  21. Hi you two,

    Have to say dido to Loren. I just said to a friend after she had me watch Rick Joyners prophesy, how easy it is to prophesy something that for years now all the scientist have been saying is going to happen anyway. I told her,” It’s like me prophesying the sun’s going to come up tomorrow.” Amazing to hear you use the same example. Also, I’ve been thinking for some time now along the same lines as Jason when he asked “Would GOD JUDGE or PUNISH a people or a nation – when His Judgement already fell on JESUS?” It begs the question, “When he died for the sins of the WHOLE world did it work or not?” Would really appreciate your feed-back on this topic. The fear of Gods’ judgement came up often when we used to go to Sun services & seemed to be used to get people to perform.

    Appreciate your light-heartedness & I think God probably watches you two when he wants a good laugh. Love ya! Debbie

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