Finding Certainty in Presence (#948)

"If you can learn to be at rest in uncertainty, what an incredible skill to have your entire life." And where do we find that rest? In planning for all the contingencies or gathering enough skills to meet any challenge? Certainly not. Cultivating a relationship with Jesus that allows us to walk with him through anything that might come our way is where we find our certainty—in him, not in the control of our circumstances. This discussion comes up from a podcast Kyle listened to on the challenges facing twenty-somethings, which is timely given our previous invitation for others to pray that God will give a new, younger generation hearts to know him. They also talk about the recent sex scandal by a popular pastor in the Dallas area that came to light this weekend, one of a growing list of leaders who have a history of abusing women.

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  1. Wayne and Kyle,

    Listened to today’s God Journey, which got me to thinking about life in my 20s, which was three decades ago.

    When I first gave my life to Jesus at 20, if you said to me I would have to endure a significant job loss, betrayal by a particular close friend, and a major depressive episode before the end of my 20s, I would’ve said you could have Jesus back…I’ll take a better, more comfortable life, thank you. But I didn’t, and have made it to this point realizing the presence and strength of Jesus in the midst of my circumstances.

    Now in my 50s, with continuing health challenges and job insecurity, and the issues that come with singleness, Jesus remains the cornerstone of my life. I couldn’t imagine my life without Him. Some would look at my life from the outside and consider it a failure. Jesus sees it as a miracle. I see it as a miracle knowing what I have been through, without going through all the details.

    I would say to someone in their 20s, first and foremost, find Jesus. Or more importantly, let Him find you. If that means not pursuing your own agenda or others’ agenda for you that doesn’t match up with what Jesus wants for you. It doesn’t mean you won’t encounter failure, opposition, betrayal, even and especially from those closest to you, even those that consider themselves followers of Jesus as well. It is often a lonely path, but with Jesus, you are never alone.

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