Embracing His Glory #10 (#760)

This is our continuing Tuesday series where Wayne explores the process of transformation of moving us from "glory to ever-increasing glory".  Drawn from the book of John, Wayne unveils how Jesus did this in a relational engagement with his followers, and how he wants to do that in us as well.  This week he talks about retuning your heart to his when you get lost in the weeds of your journey. 


  1. Oh my, Wayne! Roger’s whole letter could well have been my letter, when I was so drifting that I felt the spiritual tightness of a massive bramble bush wherein I could not move left, right, forward, or backward: I was stuck…and in tears….so I literally lifted my hands and uttered, literally, “Ba-a-a, I am a stuck little lamb. I have lost my way…Father, I need You to pick me up out of this.” It wasn’t long before He put someone in my life to minister His love to me.

    Your podcasts are always full of just-right answers. Thank you for listening to Him.

  2. Wayne I sure hope this series will transpire into a book. The gentle nudges, reminders and insights that you share are priceless. So thank you for being a “cairn” for all of us who are on this journey.

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