The Power of a Transformed Life

A number of recent events including movie awards and cultural clashes lead Brad and Wayne further in the discussion as to how we can demonstrate in our culture the life and character of Jesus and how we can engage people around us who don't know the God we know or live the way we want them to live. Can we love and respect those who differ with us without condoning what they think or how they live. Jesus set an example for us here that we'd do well to contemplate in view of the growing animosity in our culture between believers and unbelievers.


  1. Hi Wayne and Brad:
    its pretty timely how this show was aired around the same time that Black White was aired and even though race is discussed in that show, there isnt much difference when it comes to what separates people from each other and hampers anyone’s ability to love or communicate. I appreciate your sincerity in truly wanting to BE Jesus to people instead of hitting them on the head with thou shalts. I truly believe that God is working on all of us in the area of being weaned from phariseeism. Now for the rest of the story:, and no the shoe is not gonna drop. But as I was listening, this phrase kept on coming up in my head: go and sin no more. The main issue is the deadliness of sin. When Jesus told the woman caught in adultery that He did not accuse her, there was the demonstration of love right there. But then, he says: go and sin no more. We are not let off the hook by any means. Sin is sin. So that is how I believe we are to approach the whole gay issue is that God calls it sin. We should do the same. So how do we dialogue with people who do not believe that? Oh man, heck if I know!! I do know that many have come out of the gay lifestyle through the working of the Spirit, not because of anyone blasting them. They had a revelation of the truth. Meanwhile, I think the more we grasp God’s love for us and not just be an intellectual and think we have it figured out, the more that LOVE can work out of our lives and people can really see it. Its not performance. Love is a person! Like you said Brad, what was it that compelled a tax collector to drop everything and follow Jesus? Being Jewish, wasnt that hard to do, leave a job that paid lots of money? LOL. (I’m Jewish so I took the liberty of joking, no offense intended)… That is something I cry out for… truly KNOW God’s love for me. I sure have an intellectual grasp of it. I do know that we have to be sensitive to the Spirit, and isnt that something we are all learning? Lord help us.

  2. Brad, loved the way you presented the whole acceptance versus condoning issue regarding Brokeback Mountain. I haven’t seen the movie yet myself (not necessarily saying that I won’t) because I had comfortability issues about it. But as for the Church’s stance on homosexuality, I think it’s time the world heard a different voice from us, one that is more in tune with acceptance of all people regardless of their sin level, rather than toeing our own political line all the time – it was very refreshing to hear. I don’t think change comes without acceptance, whether it’s between ourselves and God or ourselves and ourselves. But that doesn’t in any way mean condoning. Great to hear more talk about this kind of thing.

    Melbourne Sue

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