Moral Code or Treasure Map? Part 2 (#736)

What began with a set of questions about specific Scriptures, turns out to be a marvelous exploration of trust that made the questions unimportant. Last week, Wayne had a conversation with Courtney, a single woman living in Texas who wanted to discuss how to interpret Scripture. This is Part 2 of that conversation. What began with a set of pressing questions about Scriptures, turns out to be a marvelous exploration of trust that made the questions less relevant. Last week, Wayne had a conversation with Courtney, a single woman living in Texas who wanted to discuss how to interpret Scripture. The conversation shifted from viewing the Bible as a moral code to embracing it as a treasure map pointing straight to Jesus. Join us to discover how to read and interpret the Scriptures inside a growing relationship of love and trust in God. This is part 2 of a conversation we aired on Tuesday.  This Sunday Wayne will host another After-Show on Sunday, May 17, at 1:00 pm Pacific Daylight Time.

Podcast Notes:
Part 1 of Moral Code or Treasure Map?
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  1. Passing the Lagrangian point — the point of zero gravity between earth and moon — to where God’s gravity in my life pulls harder than the prior gravity is the best metaphor EVER! Convenient as I’m a lifelong space geek. Btw, I passed that point the summer of 2011 from listening to the God Journey. No kidding; the final nudge I’d been building toward for decades, raised in abject legalism. The “moon’s” gravity has grown, daily. Even when it’s bad, I know too much, and do not require all the answers like I used to; a fantastic place to be!

  2. Hi Wayne, Angela and I would like to join your after show. Could you please send us an invite?

    • HI Tom, please email me that request and what interest you have in this topic. Thanks. I’m asking everyone to do that as I sort out who to invite.

  3. We’ve been having discussions for some time now with family & certain friends about “the inerrant word of God’”(scripture), verses the Living Word, Jesus. How scripture is interpreted, our view of God thru that perspective. If Jesus is the same God as the One we read of in OT, then how do we understand OT scripture? If man’s written testimony or perspective view of OT events is skewed or biased based off their feelings & culture at the time… then Angela in particular, has questions. Such as, what about the Flood? Wayne, since there is limited space and it should be available for those really struggling, I will just opt out of the live zoom, and wait for the aired podcast.
    Thanks, Tom

  4. This was such a blessing to listen to, thankyou Wayne!
    Today I woke up feeling really overwhelmed and broken. This conversation revealed to me how much pressure I put on myself. I hadn’t realised. These condemning thought patterns can be so subtle.
    After years of deconstructing everything I knew as an evangelical, I sense God bringing me to a place of rebuilding my faith. This has happened in small increments but is still almost unbelievable to me. There was a dark pocket of my life where I sincerely doubted the existence of God, let alone the relevance of the message about Christ and the crucifixion. I almost have to pinch myself that God has drawn me back to him; I once again feel like I have some grounding in my life.
    I was just so encouraged to be reminded of these truths that you spoke of- that God wants to reveal his love to me, not judgement. I am reminded that the voice of the enemy is harsh, pressing, rigid, controlling- but the Spirit is gentle full of grace and not oppressive.
    I want you to know how much I also enjoyed the previous conversation you taped, so much of it resonated with me. I signed up for the zoom meeting but found the time difference too much of a stretch (4 a.m….there’s no amount of coffee that would make me functional at this time). Anyway, sending prayers that others on this journey will find a place where God’s love is made a little more real to them. God’s love made manifest truly is the final word.
    Blessings, Alyssa

    • You’re welcome, Alyssa. I’m sorry the time thing works out the way it does. We may have to do one late on a Saturday so people on the other side of the world can join us on a Sunday morning. We’ll see. Your second paragraph made my heart hurt a bit. I hope this is a good “broken” and God will get to rebuild a different way to think and live that will really let you taste of his life and freedom. I love that God has drawn you back to this place. Thanks for sharing it with us all. Blessings to you…

  5. This combined podcast brought to mind the prior Friday’s podcast about Living Fearlessly in the face of death, and the one comment by Sarah Kistner.

    Sarah mentioned a book titled “Heaven”, which is about Heaven as a future temporary destination, but mostly about our more precise eternal destination; the new & fully restored Heaven and EARTH, which in my foggy understanding will be Heaven on Earth.

    But when new believers, “on fire for the Lord”, saturated with the Holy Spirit, the guarantee of their inheritance, walk into an institutional church building, they, begin to take in a different message. One of “receiving Jesus so you can go to Heaven when you die”, rather than a message that from that point on resembles what Jesus taught about a new Heaven-infused Earth. The Kingdom of Heaven on Earth that the new believers in Acts 2 & 4, quickly went about establishing. A Kingdom centered on God’s very expansive love in the Messiah!

    I think this is why so many believers get stuck. The institution teaches us to focus on the wrong stuff, inevitably moving us towards resisting, grieving and finally quenching the Holy Spirit, until mostly what we are left with is memory of the Holy Spirit, growing more and more faint with the passage of time.

  6. Awesome…you and me both! Loved it!!! Gonna listen again and again…..I was such a listener to the evangelists on TV. Now I don’t listen hardly at all…God has worked within me so faithfully! It happens Courtney! Little by little!

  7. Wayne I just took your advice and read “Finding Church”. How did I mis this one. I’m reading it on Kindle but I have highlighted so many things…I need my own copy to have and to hold. It’s everything….sometimes I know I’m the interfering mother like “Everybody Loves Raymond’s ” mom. I just want my children and grandchildren to KNOW HIM!!!! SO MUCH!!!! But then the Holy Spirit relaxes me and Y realize that HE loves them all more than me. So I am still and know that HE is God…I would like to pass out a copy of this book to EVERYONE!!!! It is SO what we all need to understand…but I can’t afford it! And besides…there I go being pushy again! Anyway…thank you. I was ready for this book….and thank you Courtney…your are precious! Happy anniversary to you and Sara Wayne!

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