Moral Code or Treasure Map? Part 1 (#735)

What began with a set of pressing questions about Scriptures, turns out to be a marvelous exploration of trust that made the questions less relevant. Last week, Wayne had a conversation with Courtney, a single woman living in Texas who wanted to discuss how to interpret Scripture. In the course of their conversation, the focus shifted from the seeing the Bible as a moral code to consult, but as a treasure map pointing straight to Jesus. This was a fun conversation and Courtney consented not only to the recording, but also to sharing it with all of you. Join us to discover how to read and interpret the Scriptures inside a growing relationship of love and trust in God. This is part 1; part 2 will air on Friday and then Wayne will host another After-Show on Sunday, May 17, at 1:00 pm Pacific Daylight Time.

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  1. What a beautiful young lady! She is willing to make herself so vulnerable and open up about her struggles. I love that Wayne prefaced the show by asking that advice not be offered at the after show. I am a mental heath counselor and we are trained to refrain from giving advice on anything at all! As people process through certain issues in their life, they will discover their own answers (through any number of ways: it can be through reading books, talking to a counselor, speaking with a trusted friend or family member etc.). When we force our opinions on someone and try to give unsolicited advice it can be very hurtful and very damaging! Thank you Wayne for being a gracious guide on this journey!

    • (From Wayne:) Thanks for your comments, Heather. Unsolicited advice is something that looks so generous from the givers standpoint, but comes of so empty on the one getting it. Thanks for underscoring that for us from your perspective. I hope people apply it not just in the after-show, but with everyone they meet. Help people find on-ramps, not exit ramps to what God is revealing to them.

  2. I share Courtney’s questions about the Bible. I haven’t been able to read the Bible for several years without being filled with anger or guilt. Guilt from a religious background which presented the Bible as the inerrant word of God. Putting anything on top of a physical Bible was ‘putting something above the word of God’. Literal interpretations were the norm. I didn’t see it this way even as a teenager. To me it was an historical account of the Israelites and God’s interaction with them. My limited experience of God at that time didn’t align with religious view I was taught, but I still struggled to understand the Bible’s interpretation especially the Old Testament. When I read the Bible now I tend to recall sermon interpretations of passages and often feel condemned by them, even the gospels. I haven’t been able to overcome these filters and see anything other than these prior interpretations. In my relationship with God, he seems to say it is ok not to read the Bible at least for now. Recently I felt Jesus was telling me to read Colossians as if he wrote the letter to me versus Paul to the Colossians. It gave me a totally different perspective giving me hope my filter may have developed a crack in it.

    • Love that last bit, Sally, about reading it as if it was written to you. You don’t want to do that with Leviticus :-), but it works for Colossians. Thanks for sharing your experience. I believe in “put nothing above the Word of God”, if the ‘Word of God’ is Jesus! Many people put the Bible above the ‘Word of God’, even by calling it ‘the Word’, and that will be a problem at some point. Jesus warned us about that that. The Pharisees built their doctrines off of Scriptures, but their doctrines were to avoid living out the Truth behind the Scriptures.

  3. This was such a refreshing episode. Loved every minute of it. I may have to listen to it a few times. There’s just sooo much packed in there. Thanks for posting it. Happy Saturday!!

  4. I like what you said, Wayne about how we have the Holy Spirit…He helps us dig out the treasures of the Bible. I said to Pat on his discussion the other night…I don’t think anyone could understand the Bible without the Holy Spirit. I have had Him to add words to scripture to help me understand a verse….I love the Bible but it is certainly a treasure map…I always call it Love Letters to God’s children..And I also love what you said about how things definitely changed after the Cross…I agree…Anyway…enjoyed this immensely…Thank you to all that participated.

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