A Woman’s Gift (#710)

Wayne invites Tracy Levinson back to discuss further developments in the John MacArthur/Beth Moore bruhaha after MacArthur fleshed out more of his views about women in leadership and women in general. Are they more easily deceived? Do they bear less an image of God in the world? Does Scripture restrict them from sharing their gifts with the family? After tackling some email about sexual issues from their previous podcast, Tracy and Wayne unpack their thoughts about the giftedness of women and their participation in God's family.

Podcast Notes:
Previous podcast on the MacArthur/Moore Controversy
Article on MacArthur's Sermon
Previous podcasts with Tracy
Tracy's book, unashamed: candid conversations about dating, love, nakedness, and faith
If You Can Help Us in Kenya



  1. Thank you both for standing up for sisters??

    I pray that somehow people can see how ungodly this teaching is that women are less than men by this brutally dishonoring sermon from MacArthur. Many times this teaching is sugar coated but his sermon was crazy cutthroat …it is sad that so many have been brainwashed to submit to such dishonor of women.
    The evil one’s scheme throughout history is to dishonor and shut women up through religion…must be a heck of a gifting God has put within women that the evil one has used religion to try to destroy.
    If there are any sisters feeling oppressed break free girls…it’s a heck of a gift inside of you like Tracy said life is short go for whatever GOD has led you to do hallelujah!
    I once was in a religions institution and because of going too far with my boyfriend I was not allowed to be my dream of a missionary…yet in my private time I solidly was led by God to continue that just like giving Peter another chance He is leading me to continue in my gifts and callings…I struggled to submit to my pastor and thankfully my good old dad chimed in and said “well if God is calling you you better follow God and not man”
    Bless my dad:)!
    I then went on with mission group that believed in women being able to preach and I was able to do what I most loved share love with needy and preach His love from creation to multitudes overseas that haven’t heard.

  2. Our family is rejoicing for the immediate funds coming in for area in Pokot!!! We still hope to visit our friends that live in Nairobi and visit Pokot if it works out sometime maybe 12/2020 idk.

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