A Sudden Change in Plans (#726)

The pandemic of 2020 is definitely changing lives. Some of us are making decisions we never thought we'd have to make, at least this soon, and enduring hardships that we hoped to avoid. Former American Airlines pilot, Jeff Andrechyn, who has been with us twice before, shares a harrowing experience he had over the past weekend weekend and how Father used that with he and his wife to change course in this season. When circumstances change, sometimes our plans need to change with them. Wayne and Jeff discuss God's leading in the midst of storms, learning to live beneath our means, trusting Father's provision as we follow his voice, and finding the space in our daily routine to lean into his view of things instead of the fear fed to us by so many others.

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  1. wow what a story! I hope to find one day what’s up in Jeff’s life after these times.

  2. Thanks Wayne and Jeff! Hope this means we’ll be seeing more of Jeff and Dana in Charlottesville ??

  3. If you take Jesus up on his offer to lose your life (soul life) to find your life… then the fools rush in “what are you doing? Your out of your mind.”

    I’m holding on that I made the right decision (it’s going to be a battle).

    I’ve been able to awake everyday since and say with all my heart Jesus I am yours with a new and fresh vigor.

  4. I really enjoyed Jeff sharing his story. Thanks Jeff.
    Regarding finances, I’m finding it interesting in our world today. It is heartwarming to hear the good stories of people sharing and businesses helping out. Please don’t think me resentful in my comments, I’m not. But as a couple who have lived below the poverty line for many years, we’ve noticed people have previously seemed to be less interested in helping the poor and maybe a bit judgmental.
    We have to space our required medication purchases to meet our pension payment dates. Dentist visits ended years ago and that’s been sad for us. Our vehicles remain old, rusted and just hanging in. But no matter our situation, we have continued to be thankful for how God provides for us and we try to help others as much as possible. We feel blessed in whatsoever state we’ve found ourselves in. Perhaps the best thought for me is when this is all over people who HAD money or a good job will not be so quick to judge those who rely on what has previously been used as a derogatory term – “government hand-outs”.
    A good reminder that life is all about our relationship with Father. ….flying through the clouds with him, over and sometimes through the storms.

  5. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Christine. This adds more complexity to what people are already walking through with Father. At the same time, following Him one step at a time is beautiful in simplicity as well. Wayne thanks for any extra conversations you are able to add during this time. Blessings

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