It’s His Nudges We Want to Follow (#555)

There's a reason we talk about his leading as nudges, because God's ability to draw us into his reality is so unlike the inner selfishness that tries to push its agenda to the fore, often at other peoples' expense. Wayne and Brad start by discussing Wayne's recent trip to Tennessee and his new heart concerns, before turning to some listener correspondence that continue to unfold the glorious ways in which God transforms people. Then they answer a question about what do we do when people claim to follow God's leading but doing so results in immoral behavior or even destructiveness toward others. They finally finish on a recent column by Richard Rohr about the necessity of learning powerlessness to be an effective agent of the kingdom in this world. What he says about the "social contract" between clearly and the laity will surprise you!

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Richard Rohr: Jesus' Invitation Follow Me
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  1. Funny you talked about “the club”. On my walk today, I was thinking back to the last church I belonged to and how so much of the socialization people did was with others from the church and the activities were mostly at the church. I would often think, why can’t you do something outside of the church? Not to mention getting together with people outside of the faith and just being normal and not treating it like some evangelistic opportunity and using stilted religious talk. But I think so much of it just becomes ingrained and normal, so a movie night can’t be at the local theater. It’s gotta be a movie ministry at church showing all schmaltzy Christian films that the members of “the club” gather to watch and maybe even invite a friend. But no real plumbing the depths of the faith. Just staying right on the surface with things that make them feel good about themselves.

    Whew! Priceless quote from Richard Rohr!

  2. @Pat – I have thought the same thing about a religious-social cruise! Wow, let’s get together and pat ourselves on the back for all we’ve done! lol Thinking of all the empty headed religious chatter and clatter which took place inside the organization, and my own contributions to said deal, none of it was real or authentic. Organic is so much better – just living, loving and letting God unfold each day. It’s enough just being in him…

  3. A sign I just saw. “The Redeemed Christian Church of God. Winner’s Garden. “. Wish I could post. A picture is worth a 1000 words.

    Almost forgot. Some years back this was me. I was a bit more subtle but had the same attitude. “Thank you Jesus for your great love that through some tumultuous lessons humility grew in me.” May I never forget.

    Love wins.


  4. Wow! Richard Rohr’s quote, “unless the male is lead into journey’s of powerlessness, he will invariably misuse power,” hits home for me.

    I have feared powerlessness much of my life. I have (subconsciously) equated powerlessness with being rejected and abandoned; and finally being all alone. Much of this is connected to my childhood. So, I have built much of my life over the last 15 +/- years building protective walls around my heart. Little did I realize that the very thing that I instinctively built to protect me (false power), became the very thing to drive others others away (self-sabotage). This left me in a place of despair, as I have re-experienced more rejection, abandonment, and being all alone.

    Now I live in powerlessness, learning to listen to what God is saying and where He is leading me (nudges). It is very slow going, filled with more childish tantrums than I ever thought I had left in me. Maybe Father is showing me that no matter how bad I act towards Him, He is not going to leave me… Maybe He is winning my trust through my spinning and reeling… Maybe He is showing me that His Grace is THE power I have always needed…

    I don’t know what is playing out; but it seems like all I have with Him are nudges…

  5. Wow,
    Following, not worshiping.
    If you are following, then you have to STOP following and take a DETOUR to “straighten someone else out”.
    If they walk up along side you, you can model, you can see where they might be heading, but when you throw yourself into their path to “fix” them, you’re not following.
    Our older Brother, Jesus, has been teaching me this for the last few years: “Just love on them, be with them, reflect onto them, not your job to “fix” them.”
    Oh Brad, you are right, the selfish me has a hard time with that. I KNOW WHAT IS BEST FOR THEM. Yeah, right, sure I do, ha ha.
    I am so thankful for the tiny vision that I have in seeing the journey of others, and for the amazing chance to share in God’s loving of others. What an honor. Thanks for the podcast. Sincerely, a shlub.

  6. Hi Wayne. I know you don’t want to get into lots of stuff about your possible heart surgery but just wanted to give you reasons to be positive about the prospect!! I have had open heart surgery to replace the same aortic valve 4 times and I am still well and truly here aged 66 years. We have concerns (maybe!) knowing what is involved but to the surgeons it is just a fairly routine procedure. Pray that if it happens you will have a bucketful of peace!!! Much blessings.

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