Where Aspirations Lead Us (#820)

Kyle and Wayne are just completing three days together in Michigan as they sit down to reminisce about the people they met and the lessons that touched their hearts. They talk about the futility of human effort to accomplish the work of God in the human heart and how God reaches out with touches of his love to invite us closer into his life. They also talk about what we pursue in life, using the story of two iconic women who happened to die in the same year—Princess Diana and Mother Theresa. The world today beckons us to seek the fame and fortune of achieving some kind of celebrity status, which is available to so few when Jesus encouraged us to be servants of all, something any of us can do. If you want your life to influence others, can it best be accomplished by serving in obscurity or seeking the limelight?

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  1. Thanks for sharing your conversation Kyle and Wayne. There’s much encouragement here. Sue

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