The Undriven God

Starting out with some insights from fellow listeners of The God Journey with their own stories of learning to living loved, Brad and Wayne find themselves debunking some myths about God's engagement with our lives. Even in the face of humanity's brokenness God's purpose unfolds with an amazing lack of panic or pressure. Gently God moves into human history to make himself known and invite us into his redemption. That may explain why all our need-driven demands of ours seem to not get beyond the ceiling. Even his passion for us and our redemption doesn't make him a driven presence in the world.

For information about show times and locations for THE HUMAN EXPERIENCE in the Fort Worth, Denver, and Phoenix areas you can get details by clicking here. Also groups in different sections of the country are hosting screenings in private venues as well. Check here if you'd like to go or host one in your area.

If would like to help financially with the ongoing needs in Kenya, please see the Sharing With the World page at Lifestream. You can give specifically toward the car, or to relief for widows and orphans.


  1. I am sloowwwly coming to the conclusion that time is such a wonderful gift of God’s grace to me. And I am slooowwwly letting go of the excruciating thought that up to now, I haven’t done very much with my life. I am slooowwwly learning to just live.

  2. Happy 57th brother Wayne – fellow ’53 baby!

    Just to let you know, ever since I read The Shack, the Jake Book a year ago and a bit and started listening to your podcasts almost every week since all I can say is Amen and amen in the most relational living loved sense of the term! Amen to all the other silent amens out there as well! You guys are a wonderful gift to the world of everyone within earshot and readshot (is that a word!?) of you guys.

    My people die for lack of knowledge Hosea prophesied. This can be translated heartfelt intimate communication and this is what you guys are communicating. The very all loving Heart of our eternal Father through His down to earth Son by His sweet gentle still small voiced Holy Spirit riddled in and through ever situation. May our wonderful Three-in-One continue to bless and use you both now and forever. “Freely, freely you have received, freely, freely, give”

    PS Please pray God will use my website ABOUT section where I share not only my life long photographic journey but my God Journey as well.

  3. Thanks so much for this freeing podcast. I am presently unemployed – not married- and not close to any family so I tend to wonder how many things I’ve screwed up to get to this point- andl what do I gotta do now to “get it all fixed” before I hit 50? Thanks for taking some of that pressure off and challenging me to live in the moment- and that everythings gonna be all right. I always enjoy the transparency and real-ness of your podcasts.

  4. Guys, this podcast really got to me, what an amazing revelation spoken by Brad and added to by Wayne in your fun but very spiritual conversation with each other. I’m talking about Jesus coming as a baby, no hurry, Father preparing all of it from before the world was formed, man it’s absolutely spirit enlightening and mind blowing. The value of fellowship is proved by yours.
    Thanks for being obedient to Father and for being so real in your whole approach. I really enjoy the meat you serve. The Lord bless you in the Kenya endevour as you walk in submission to His will.

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