Spiritually Safe Relationships (#778)

Whether it is someone claiming to speak in God's name, or a friend to lean on in times of crisis, finding safe relationships is critical to keep your heart soft before the Lord. Kyle Rice and Tracy Levinson join Wayne to talk about the voices we listen to at critical moments. They talk about the prophecies some leaders gave, saying that God had decreed President Trump would be re-elected. How have they fared in the aftermath of an election that didn't seem to go that way? Also, Tracy opens up about her last two incredibly painful years as she stood at the crossroads of her marriage and the despair she felt. God met her through some amazing friends who could listen and comfort her without trying to manipulate her responses. These are the kind of safe relationships we all need and that we all can be for others.

Podcast Notes:
Paula Cain-White's proclamation/prayer to change the election results
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Tracy's book, 
unashamed: candid conversations about dating, love, nakedness, and faith

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  1. Thank you for sharing a balanced conversation about the presidential election. Even though I am a Canadian I felt sucked into the vortex of political division and some of the related Christian alignment. I’ve heard so many odd prophetic pronouncements stretching the word of God that it started to feel very confusing and unsettling. In turn, I have had to step back and refocus on my relationship with our Father and then His peace has brought me back to earth.

  2. Thank you for sharing both of your stories Tracey and Kyle. I still struggle with He loves me when things go well and when chaos is dark, His love is gone. Your candid stories encouraged me to lean into His love as a reality that is larger.

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