Creating Space Where God Is Known (#475)

prayerWhat part do each of us play in our growing relationship with the transcendent God? Wayne and Kevin's conversation continues from last week as they explore the long, slow process of growing to know God and recognize his work in our lives. They talk about how they come to recognize his voice, and what part the spiritual disciplines or practices play as they are learning to walk alongside him through life. Keeping the relationship alive means they have to continue to make space for God's revelation by how the respond to him. They talk about marriage and how for the relationship to grow each spouse needs to make room for the other as they grow and change. In the same way we need to make room for God as our perception of him grows and our own lives shift in his reality.

Podcast Links:
Up for Debate: Wayne's Interview on Moody Radio on Saturday, March 7 at 12:00 noon Eastern time
Last week's podcast with Kevin about the Interactive Nature of Trust
Kevin's website Conversations about God, Money, and Trust
Previous podcast with Kevin: Myths of Mammon
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Our latest update from Kenya
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  1. Hi Wayne
    I think this podcast is an exact duplication of the first one. (?)

  2. The Broadband download link is still the same as last week. Same in the archives.

  3. Wayne, maybe the link is jetlagged, but it seems to not be fixed yet on the east side of the Atlantic. Seems to be the first podcast still with Kevin.

  4. AAAARRRRRGGGGGHHHHHH! So sorry. Just way too preoccupied to get this done right. However, I think it is now. All links are right. You may need to refresh your browser or even delete the download on iTunes and then reconnect with the feed to load the current version. I obviously should have done this when I had more time and consciousness!

  5. Wayne,

    Will your interview on Moody Radio be made a podcast? I do not have reliable radio where I live.

  6. That is really a struggle that Father is happy with me where I am “at”…having been stuck for about three years, after decades of cult membership focused on old covenant law: grinding condemnation, shame, constantly in Pharisee mode.

    I have not had much hope lately. Loneliness has nearly swallowed me…after severe emotional issues from abandonment and unforgiveness in two of my grown children.

  7. Mark, it will both stream live on their website at 12:00 noon Eastern/9:00 Pacific as well as be posted as a podcast some time afterwards. You’d have to try hard to miss it!

  8. I’m so sorry, Lindy, you’re at a lonely spot on the journey. It is not uncommon, especially in the aftermath of such religious abuse and now estranged kids… Just remember you’re not at the end of the story, just in the middle of it and in spite of the consequences Father wants to show you how deeply loved you are and that he can walk you through this. He gets to grow greater than our circumstances and that’s where this life really gets good. But it does take time. God seeps in around the nooks and crannies of our pain and disappointment and awakens us to a reality we thought couldn’t be true. But it is. You are loved. You are in his hands. He will show you how to live more freely and graciously in him…

    • You have greatly blessed me…healthy tears with this part: “Father wants to show you how deeply loved you are and that he can walk you through this. He gets to grow greater than our circumstances and that’s where this life really gets good.”

      I am full of gratitude and surging hope…THANK YOU, BRO.

  9. I have just finished reading a most remarkable story.
    The first line of her “Acknowledgements” is
    “The last year has shown me both the extreme hatred of man and the limitless love of God”
    The author is a 16 year old Muslim girl, Malala “The Girl Who Stood up for Education and was Shot by the Taliban” – as the subtitle explains.

    After reading her story I have no doubt that she knows the same God that I know.
    Further as I read of the manner in which her mother prayed for her after she was shot and her response when her husband prayed along the lines of no matter she end up may she live her mother is bold to ask that she may be whole and says “God is NOT a miser”.

    And there is so much more as I read it I saw the best of faith in a Muslim family and their detesting of the abuse and gross distortion of it in groups such as the Taliban.

    I highly recommend the book – it gave me a great insight into the best and the worst of Pakistan and their particular area. I met an amazing father who passion to start a school and for it to include girls I truly believe was God-given. And his daughter caught this from him – freely.

    I am absolutely sure that the Father we know reaches out and touches many, many people quite outside our “Christian” systems or believe. “God so loves the world” so it does not surprise me to see such evidence of His work, His drawing of people to Himself and I am sure that many many people who find themselves in His Kingdom and get to meet Jesus there without meeting him in this life.

    It has been strange, I am still in a time of reading book after book that is NOT overtly Christian and yet finding God’s handiwork in life after life.
    I want to join Him in what He is doing. As I meet people I am learning to listen and often can see that God is already at work in their lives – and I need to NOT try and squeeze it into any standard “Christian” box.

    Yes Jesus is King of Kings and Lord of Lords – and He is patient as when we come to place of recognising him

    So I appreciated the way your conversation ended.

  10. Wayne,

    You mentioned that you read some books and listen to some podcasts as part of your conversation with others and to hear what God might be saying to you through them.

    Would you consider sharing your top 10 books and (currently) favorite podcasts in one of your future podcasts?

  11. Jeremy, My top ten books are listed here: As for podcasts, most the ones I listen to regularly are news or politics related and really not helpful to his journey. I grow far more by conversations than I do books or podcasts. God has put a constant stream of people into my life that help illumine next steps for me and open the vastness of his person.

  12. Thx Wayne for a great podcast … and ur comments at end on the reality of the Cross
    being known to those outside of xtianity was profound … can we talk abt this more ?
    Also my prayers go out to the man who was left for dead …how is he doing? I didn’t understand the need for him to carry all that money in cash form …

  13. Hi JKB, since we recorded this a while back, I’m not really sure what you’re referring to about having more conversation about. Can you clarify that for me. And as for the man left for dead, I think that’s our guy in Kenya. He was rescued, went to the hospital, and has fully recovered. It was a big mistake to have him travel with so much cash. But that’s the way they’ve done business. From now on they will be transferring funds through the bank and not using cash. What a lesson!

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