Living to Pleasure (#836)

Don't you think the disciples had a great time hanging out with Jesus? Wouldn't you have? Why has exhaustion become synonymous with discipleship, when God is doing so much in Scripture out of his "good pleasure?"  Kyle and Wayne explore what it would be like if our pursuit of a life in Christ was characterized by the pursuit of ultimate pleasure, rather than a boring duty that we have to follow to restrain our flesh. Seeing sin as a false pleasure that never satisfies the deeper hunger inside, we could then seek those places where our wholehearted joy and God's wholehearted joy coincide.  We would see his work of transformation not as an obligation we disdain, but to join God in discovering how to live by the fullness of pleasure that brings life.

Podcast Notes:
Helping with the Drought in Kenya

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  1. What pleases us will destroy us. Absolutely not true. This is the stumbling block that Paul talks about. When we hear the Grace message and we interpret it through the lens of law you will hear “license “. When the Spirit in me hears Virgil invite Dante to live from freedom my soul leaps for the joy and delight of it. Through the Jesus lens much of scripture is about the delight. God did it for the fun of it. Living Loved is the fullness of delight.

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