Relaxing In His Unfolding Will

On the last day of his three trips to Europe this summer, Wayne sits down with Silvio Viotti to process some of his experiences and their conversations helping people find their way out of religious obligation and learning to live in the love of the Father. Silvio is a friend from Vallorbe, Switzerland, translated some of Wayne's books into French, and has shared some of his journey on a previous podcast. They talk about the process of those who have struggled in their own religious systems and come away from them looking to build another hoping for different results. Part of that stems from the desire to live by a strategic plan they can fulfill, because they don't yet trust Father's love enough to relax in his unfolding will.

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  1. Hi Wayne really enjoyed your conversation with Silvio, thanks for just continuing on the journey the way you are, it’s real encouragement to us, we love you in the Lord my brother. I find it so helpful to simply relax in our Father’s love and what he has for each day, rather than feeling the continual obligation to be creating something, doing something, or pandering to the “expectations” of religious obligation. The way you are literally just living this out in this season, helps me to feel the freedom tolive the same way. Our daughter in law (& son) who are also on this journey (I’ve given her about 10 copies of some of your teaching who listens to it as she drives the kids around) shared this week about a Xn ladies group who asked her to be a mentor to some younger ladies. She told me I don’t feel qualified to do that. Father nudged me to encourage her this way. I said hey that’s OK, I don’t feel like I want to “mentor” too much anymore either. It somehow makes me the “expert” and them the learner – and that’s just simply not how it is. I said why don’t you think about saying – no I won’t be a “mentor” but I’d love to just get to know some of these young girls and maybe just chill out and have a coffee every now and then with them. Don’t feel you have to, just pray about it and if you feel Father nudging you that way just catch up with some of these young girls and get to know them and share some of what Father is teaching you. Amazingly she responded positively, hey yea I’d feel comfortable doing that, I’ll think and pray about that. Oh the beautiful difference between living under the cloak of religious expectation as opposed to simply living relationally under the cloak of the Father’s love. Thanks again for going the journey Wayne.
    Ross Turner, Towoommba QLD Australia

  2. Hi Wayne! I too enjoyed Silvio’s and your thoughts together. I believe that he has taken a really narrow road here in Europe with his understanding. It is not the common thinking. I hope to meet him sometime.

    Ross’ remarkes are also on the head I think. I am aware of mentoring programs here in Germany. While designed with good intentions in mind, the real dangers Ross implys seem never addressed by the mentors themselves. Of course they are the leaders and the other, the learners. I don’t think that many of them would lead it if the program didn’t have that disstinctive part built in. The mentality bugs me a lot.

    When a young guy approached me about this relationship one time, I was more than glad to tell him that I would just rather walk along the journey side by side with him, and learn from one another. And that is how it has gone. I treasure the simple relationship, and I believe he does too.

  3. Hi Wayne just finished listening to podcast with Sylvio and as always greatly encouraged.
    I am learning everyday to let go of more so that I can in reality follow Jesus more.
    This is a journey of adventure and discovery, but of understanding when to move as Jesus leads.
    We haven’t travelled so much in the last 4 years it’s been a season of having our feet firmly on the ground, but the Lord has opened a door for us to go to Australia in December(one of those sudden lies) which I love. We are so excited to see the plans the Lord has for us down under.
    Wayne hope you and Sarah are well and I Bless you both for your continual obedience, you are not looking to lead a people to yourselves but you are a sign post which leads people to know and follow Jesus more.
    Thank you so much Wayne for the imput in our lives that has greatly enriched our journey so far.

  4. Mentoring someone is fine as long as the person being mentored remains on the path laid out for him or here. If God happens to lead that person down another road, all bets are off. Never, ever, look to someone else to validate your own spiritual journey. Turn to Jesus instead.

  5. Love you Silvio !! You are such a funny guy 😉 It has been such a pleasure to get to know you and Dominique. We hope our relationship will continue to develop even though we are quite far apart. Father will help us along the way.
    See you soon !
    Love from France

  6. Nous aussi, Silvio, on t’aime ! 😉 Trop dommage qu’on s’habite pas plus proche l’un de l’autre !
    C’est vrai qu’en Europe (et en France en particulier) ce n’est pas évident que les chrétiens sortent du système, mais je croix fort que petit à petit, ça va changer ! Comme vous avez dit, commençons par des amitié avec nos voisins, nos collègues, …
    Ton ami Belge de la France,

  7. @Diane and Gert : Love you guys ! I know you are true friends to us, you are part of the ones that are not close, but with whom we have great relationships. Hope to see you guys soon !

  8. Well done dad! Ha ha.
    Many things you guys say ring true to my heart. Lean on God only!

  9. ha!! that is awesome every word sounds so like our father …….gotta love it !!!


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