Restoring Innocence (#843)

Restored innocence is the trailhead to a full and free life in Jesus. Innocence is not earned by our performance; it is a gift of God through the work of Jesus. Without that innocence even at our most broken when we're lost in our failures or abuse, we will not allow Father the access to our hearts that will carry us forward. This is the gospel, that even at our weakest Jesus has cleansed our conscience so that we can engage him without shying away with the delusion of unworthiness. Kyle and Wayne dive into this topic as a follow-up to last week's podcast on re-personalizing our faith so that it grows out of an ever-deepening friendship.

Podcast Notes:
Scriptures explored in this podcast include the Prodigal story in Luke 15, and the perfecting of our conscience by the work of Christ in Hebrews 8-10. 
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  1. Thanks again Kyle and Wayne for continuing this conversation. Helps with what I’m processing…brings verse to mind where Jesus said “…be wise as serpents and harmless as doves…”. This theme of innocence mixed with understanding and the patience to navigate that process with him.

  2. Best thing I’ve heard all week. Or any other week? Seriously, Restored innocence is The GIFT, I can’t think of nothing more precious than that. Thank you for the beautiful podcast.
    Love you, my brother?.

  3. I didn’t put no question marks, it supposed to be emojis, nice ones.

  4. Reminded of the work one Lee Asher does with dogs: so many of which have been wounded or injured having to “let” him in, but he never forcing that relationship. I have watched the most rejected adults become pups again when their innocence is rediscovered – because they discover he is not holding anything against them or treating them the way they experienced that rejection. Love remedies everything, even if we only let it trickle in.

  5. As a person who loves finding the right words to describe a truth, “restoring innocence” really hit the mark for me. It describes the journey I am presently on in trying to integrate 2 halves I find myself living with: the one who I am now, and the other my younger self whose innocence was robbed. The present me struggles to “be”, to live without obligation and expectation. My younger me was able to simply live (something a child usually does well), and then I was told I was suppose to be something else – that who I am and what I did was unacceptable and that I needed to do better. For me, restoring innocence speaks to that place where we can live – as accepted and unmanipulated children.

  6. Thanks, Mitchell and John. Love will remedy the most hurting heart. I love how innocence gets to put us back at the starting line every day, multiple times if need me. And I love that phrase, “accepted and manipulated children.” Would that all God’s people would discover the reality of such…

  7. Perhaps a definition of what love is – is seeing and caring for and about the person rather than treating them according to the words or actions coming from out of their hurting and wounded heart.

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