Embracing His Glory #2 (#745)

This is our continuing Tuesday series where Wayne explores the process of transformation of moving us from "glory to glory"  from the book of John how that early believer saw Jesus doing that in his own life and how he wanted us to be part of it as well. This series will continue on Tuesday mornings for the next dozen weeks or so, Lord willing. This week we talk about what is God's glory? How do we think about it, and how did Jesus seem to think about it when he asked the Father to give us his glory?

Podcast Notes:
He Is Not Hiding from You - the January podcast that inspired this series
Latest from Kenya - We Have Completed the Work


  1. Thanks Wayne for sharing these thoughts. Love what it’s growing in my own heart…may He bless us with greater glimpses of Him in this process.

  2. Probably the best podcast ever! I listened two days in a row already. I could start every morning with this, I should start every morning with this. Thank you so very much, Wayne, for sharing this message. This message has been so encouraging to me with my dilemmas, the decisions that have plagued my mind for almost two years now. You have helped me loosen my grip, to be cheerful about letting go and seeing the bigger picture, and trust. Because when it all comes down, His glory through me is what I want the most. I struggle and fight over where I am geographically, who I want to be with, etc… You helped bring me back to center, He brought me back to center through you. Thank you 🙂

  3. Absolutely LOVE your description of God’s glory. Soooo good. It put words to what has been stirring in my heart. Thank you bro!

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