Growing Up in a Broken World (#509)

kylerHow do we live in a world that is performance driven and embrace a kingdom that is not? A friend, Kyle Rice, who is less than half his age joins Wayne for a frank discussion about growing up in a broken world and learning how to live in God's reality instead of what the world and religion presses on us. Kyle has been a missionary, a staff member of a mega-church in Southern California and now a marriage and family therapist with questions for wayne about how to deal with pain in a broken world without retreating into self-protective coping mechanisms, with people who speak ill of you, and how to embrace the process of change, rather than resist it to protect the status quo.

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  1. Enjoyed this greatly, I don’t like trials of any kind but so true they are growth moments. Interestingly I am recovering from a fiercely painful illness during which I lost count how many times I asked for healing but mainly after the 1st week I gave up on that request and was asking for help to cope with the agony.
    No there was no relief from the pain but as I moved into the second week I noticed a change in me, it was like a peace and an deep knowing that God was in control and I was in His care.
    Listening to this brought back some of the moments of that time and how I am today, free of that and there is a large difference in me and my outlook.
    During the pod-cast I saw my life as a river, starting off small and gathering momentum and flow. The rapids and falls along the way where the areas of trials and growth. As the river flowed on steadily for the sea it was more confident in what it was so much so it was meandering left and right peaceful, happily and so very relaxed in knowing it was a river and that it’s creator was each mile/kilometre bringing it home to the Sea.

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