The Trajectory of Learning Love (#453)

What would Jesus' church looked like if it was really built on love derived from him and shared with each other. Dan Mayhew of Portland, OR, joins Wayne on this podcast about his life-long adventure of seeking the church whose builder and architect is Jesus. How does love shape us to live differently in his family? How does it allow us to honor relationships beyond our disagreements and by doing so reflect the glory of his kingdom in the world? Dan's a prolific author, former pastor, and passionate to equip others to know him. In their conversation they talk about the challenges of parenting a prodigal child, the power of submission as God sees it, and the challenges of living inside and outside the box of institutionalism.

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  1. I appreciated the comment regarding pastors…”These are good men and women, they are Godly in so many respects and they are trying their hardest to do the things God has called them to do.” Thank you for mentioning that, for praying for them and for seeking to minister to them. Sometimes it’s easy to forget that when folks decide to leave a church (for whatever reason) there is usually a loss felt by those who chose to remain. The loss is real and felt deeply and definitely part of the journey. People are free to come and go with church because that is the nature of an organic community. It is as it is. Some pastors and parishioners choose to remain in church community for very humble and sincere reasons and I am always thankful to hear of folks who remember to pray for and encourage them along that journey. Once again thank you. Carry on.

  2. I want you to know I listen to each podcast at least twice if not 3 times—usually while exercising. I catch something different each time as moods and circumstances that set up those moods are in continual flux. What I discovered 3 summers ago when I started listening is how READY I was to shed the stifling institution of knowing about Jesus in favor of walking/talking with Him, intimately. I’d been ready for many years prior, but needed the gentle push. Now I find what helps me most is simply putting language to my experiences, and your conversations or monologues aid me greatly!

  3. I love to listen to all your podcasts, and usually there’s something that really stands out to me. Today it was submission; never before has submission been an invitation instead of a show of power. Thank you so much for sharing your journey with all of us.

    Sarah Wall

  4. wooow. love your journey Dan and your work or papa’s work trough you. i can image the control that the leader or leaders in that church back in 1997 tried to have on you. while you were serving god, i can understand how they would think they could use you to serve them. and to think you still love/serve pastor in these structures. wow, what a man transformed by grace.

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