Barna’s Revolution

Is there a revolution afoot in the body of Christ. George Barna seems to think so and in his latest book, Revolution, he describes a large and growing group of committed Christians who have given up on the traditional congregational model of Christianity. And instead of calling this an unhealthy trend that needs to be reversed, he embraces it as a movement that will in the next 20 years radically alter what we call church. Wayne and Brad examine the contents and conclusions of his book, recognizing both the encouragement it can provide for those thinking outside the box, and the dangers it offers to reorganize something in human terms, that only God can accomplish.


  1. I’ve just listened to your broadcast on George Barna’s book, Revolution, and cannot but agree that the Holy Spirit is probably using his name as researcher to make the institutional Church aware of the fact that what is happening outside their walls might just be God and not the devil after all. However, before I listened to your broadcast, I had a look at George Barna’s website – – and read under the heading Perspective , his New Directions, which outlines his frustration that the Church did not transform because of all he did, so they regrouped, and now he sees himself as the LEADER who will revolutionize the Church through all he and the Barna Group are going to do! Ahem!!! I am praying that George Barna will die to himself and promote Christ not as a concept, but as the LIVING REALITY HE is!

    If you care to read what George Barna wrote in his New Directions, you can go to the website. It is copyrighted, so I could not copy it here for you.

  2. Revolution shmevolution.

    This said it all to me: “This is about Jesus. Always has been. That’s Who I want to know. That’s Who I want to live in. That’s Whose reflection I want to be in the world.” Amen.

    And in the voice of Linus, in “Merry Christmas Charlie Brown,” we say, “That’s what Christianity is all about, George Barna.”

    I find Wayne and Brad quite revolting… but in a very good way.

    Keep it up!


  3. I watched George Barna’s interview on TBN last night and I want to say, right on!!! I have known Jesus Christ as my Lord and Saviour since 1976 and have NEVER been able to have a lasting relationship with any CHURCH BUILDING. The religious orginization always draws us away from Christ and to them, I cannot live a christ-like life like that. I pray that people will listen.

  4. I haven’t read the book yet, but just watched the TBN interview online ( progam: Thursday Nov 17, 2005).

    The Crouches really dug what Barna is saying. The telling point of the whole interview is when they segue to the next part of the program where a pastor basically debunks the idea that what goes on outside the established church has any real merit beyond occasionally bringing some needed change to existing structures. Oh well.

    If you guys can get Barna on the podcast, I think it would be a great discussion.

  5. First time visitor!

    I really enjoyed your passionate, Christ-focused critique of this important book. You are both gifted and annointed podcast hosts. I love watching my brothers and sisters find their places in the Body of Christ. Keep up the great work!


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