Relax! It’s a Process (#714)

When you get the idea that the life of Jesus is a product you're supposed to achieve rather than a process to embrace with him, you will lose sight of him and get lost in the futility of your own efforts. Wayne's daughter, Julie, joins him for this podcast as they continue to explore Paul David Tripps book on Parenting. What they talk about today goes far beyond parenting and underlines the mistake that so many passionate Christians make, hoping that transformation is an event, not an ongoing conversation with God  through the mundane situations and relationships in our lives. If we can relax into that process, our journey will become much more fruitful.

Podcast Notes:
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Parenting Resources:  Parenting by Paul David Tripp and Loving Our Kids on Purpose by Danny Silk
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  1. I’ve recently been thinking about this idea of God encouraging relaxation and pleasure. All my life I never heard God say, “you’ve done enough.” “Stop working so hard.” For years I was a church planter’s wife. And I had a professional career and my children were growing up. There was a lot going on! I eventually came to dread every aspect of the church. Setting up and taking down, children’s church, social events at our house, even “getting together” with church members. My husband certainly never heard God say, “take a vacation with your family”.
    Now, I think it’s probably a weird bias to think God never encourages fun or relaxation unless it’s a fun church social activity!
    Though I felt wrong about it, I decided early on that the children were my priority. So I insisted we took vacations, did fun things and my husband took time off. And we spent money on things that made our family more comfortable.
    It sounds like we were in a cult. But it was really a centrist evangelical church organization.
    Sadly, even now I can’t imagine God saying, “Take it easy.” It makes me wonder if any of that past stuff was God‘s will either. Just my own guilt. I don’t even know what I did wrong to feel always so guilty.
    Thanks for the space to share these thoughts.

  2. I identify with you Lisa. I grew up in a performance driven home ad Jesus is still working this “rest” thing out with me. You are one of many and you are not alone. Recently in an ongoing season of deep pain and pressure He is focused on rest but I am still finding it so hard to live where I would long to live…… deeperfreedom with Him.

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