Laying It All Down in Dublin

Add this story to the stories of Ladysmith, South Africa, Fairlee, New Zealand and Sacramento, CA, where a group of people find that the institution they were creating was not what God wanted and how he lead them to do something about it. Meet Collin Langran and David Rice of Dublin who helped host Wayne on his recent visit to Ireland. Wayne had the chance to record their story firsthand about a group of believers around Dublin who followed God out of institutional thinking and into relational life. Twenty-five years later they continue in their passion for Jesus and powerful relationships with each other.


  1. This is what I desire… Letting Christ build His Church!!!! It is the only way the Gates of Hell can gain no acess for the Light will cause the darkness to flee!!!

  2. Actually, I think there is a model that could be utilized to encourage these relationships. It is called co-housing. It is a form of intentional neighborhood where because of a structure of affordable housing, generous common areas, and people living physically close to each other–it is easier for people to connect. Making it easy for people to connect is the model I see happening. Creating and environment where there are more and more opportunities for people to help each other and cooperate and deepen their relationships is what the Irish people have done.

    As a single mom who is the main support of my children and even my former husband who is disabled, I am among those people who are financially challenged and it is difficult to find time to connect with others. I live alone in the city, wanting to connect, but when every minute is filled with working, food preparation, and attempting to keep the basics of life together, it is challenging. Living in an intentional neighborhood such as co-housing would make all the difference. I pray that I will be used as an instrument to create such a structure on our own land, and for others who want this.

  3. Dear David,
    We have just been listening to the conversation with Wayne Jacobsen and yourselves about your journey with God over the past 25 years.
    We have also been on this journey for the past4 years and your story was very encouraging.
    We would like to come over to Dublin to meet with you if this is at all possible.
    We live in Manchester UK and have been in contact with Wayne Jacobsen, we are both praying about him visiting us possibly next year.
    Thanking you.
    God Bless
    Peter and Valerie

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