Treasuring An Environment for Grace (#442)

Wayne first worked with John Lynch (pictured at left with his wife, Stacey) as an editor on BO'S CAFE and has been hoping ever since to cross paths somewhere. It finally happened last week in Phoenix and Wayne recorded some of their conversations as they shared their journeys, their passion to help people live loved, and they difficulties of cultivating an environment of grace where people can discover how loved they are by a God who is for them. Wayne and John come from completely opposite backgrounds and celebrate how God has led each of them into the same space and how they share a passion for others to engage God in a way that lets them truly embrace his freedom. John's latest book is ON MY WORST DAY, a journey he is still living.

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John's home site: Truefaced
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Wayne's review of BO'S CAFE. >>>> Order it here.
Kenya Update for the Outreach in West Pokot
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  1. Thank you so much for your comments. You guys are an unbelievable gift to the body of Christ. Your maturity and devotion to what really counts in being a Christian cannot be unnoticed or understated.You guys are “game-changers” and It never ceases to amaze me how much you are a blessing to us all. Again, thank you for blessing us so much with your insights and “really getting it” when it comes to having to deal with so much —- in churches today and how to be free in Christ. Great stuff and please just keep going. We need you guys…thks. j

  2. I love the book. I purchased it as an audio book, and it was a special bonus to listen to Johns narration of his own story. The best description for the book is real. To hear how God’s grace worked throughout your life spoke to my heart. While you may run from God, he will never run from you. I have often felt, that Jesus has always been with me, even before I was aware of it.

    I would love to hear your opinions about, grace applies to nonbelievers. I live and work in Saudi Arabia and have many Muslim friends. I’m not saying all roads lead to Jesus, but I believe that my Muslim friends are extended grace as well. Did Jesus die to remove the shame for all the world, or just a select few that recite the sinner’s prayer or something similar. There have been a few radical thinkers, through Islams history that have preposed Gods grace. They may not have applied the name of Jesus specifically, but I believe that they were speaking to his nature. I believe, Jesus is quite capable of redeeming anyone at anytime. I would love to start a respectful dialogue on the matter.

    By the way, don’t complain about the heat, it is supposed to be 114° in Saudi Arabia tomorrow, it’s not even the summer.

  3. Thank you for the podcast! I really appreciated the comment that was made about opening up to others about our journeys before we have it “all figured out” and the fact that the process is worth sharing even if it isn’t all neat and tidy. Thank you for that encouragement. I have two younger kids at home and I sometimes find myself hesitating in what I say about God to them because I don’t want to “get it wrong” because I am still learning so much. The podcast today encouraged me to be more free and let them see me learning. Thank you!

  4. In reply to Jon
    Why can’t all roads lead to Jesus?
    Jesus died for sinners, aren’t Muslims sinners?
    In Acts it says God added daily such as should be saved?
    I have had several years experience dealing with Muslims and I have found the main way to approach them is with respect. I want to have a conversation with them not a conversion. They have learned all they know about Christians the same way we have learned about Muslims, through the Media. To many Muslims, Hollywood represents Christianity, just as Extremist represents Islam.
    Jon, you will be surprised what God will show you through your relationship with your Muslim friends.

    • Thank you Pete. I could not agree with you more! There is truly misinformation on both sides. However, in my workplace, most of my Saudi friends have been US educated. In my office the conversations that I have with my Muslim friends are always respectful. Occasionally we will have a group apology where my Muslim friends are apologizing for some extreme act done in the name of their faith and I am apologizing for an extreme acts done in the name of mine. We are often saying with one voice that these acts do not represent the heart of our faith. This kind of dialog has done much to open my eyes and strengthen my own faith.

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