Holding Space In Father’s Work (#830)

Last weekend, Wayne and Kyle met with a group of twenty and thirty-year-olds from all around the U.S. regarding God's freshening work among that age group. No, it is not exclusive to them but it gave them a chance to see what God is doing there and how others can come alongside them to encourage God's work. Holding space in our hearts and in prayer are ways we can participate in God's work, without trying to control him for the results we want. They talk a bit about that process and what it means to guard the gift of God's work in others rather than trying to tell them what to do as we discover the power of prayer and what it means to be their cheerleaders.

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  1. I love love “guardian of the Gift.” So grateful. Holding it all very lightly.

  2. These are the types of conversations I am having with my nieces (both of them are in their thirties). I gave one the audiobook version of So You Don’t Want to Go to Church Anymore. It really piqued her and her husband’s interest. Lot’s of disappointment and hurt in a church they were attending. The other niece is seeking and searching.

    Long story short, I do my best to be there for whatever I may help with. Not sure about the “guardian” term but my nieces seems to be in a kind of “gathering” mode, especially within close family connections. Looking forward to seeing what Jesus is going to do with this,.


    • Marcia, I love what’s going on with your nieces. It sounds like they are on a good journey. I am looking forward to what Father does in all of this…

  3. That word “Guardian” triggered memories for me.
    My late husband courted me with a trilogy and the middle volume was entitled “Guardian of the Sword.” Of course at that time my thoughts went immediately to the word of God being like a sword. Memories of more than fifty years ago and our daughter is now editing his manuscripts including the trilogy about Avantir.

  4. I have listened to this podcast a couple of times with excitement. You’ve put words to the direction my heart desires to go. Love holding space with you all for what God is doing!

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