When You Run Into A Bear…

It's not an easy day at the ol' God Journey! Playing off a story Wayne heard on his recent Alaskan adventure about a man being overrun by a grizzly bear while jogging in the woods, he and Brad talk about some rough patches in their own journeys. What do you do in those seasons when life deals you some brutal blows? How do we continue to live in grace through those times and extend that grace to others when we least feel like it.


  1. I wish I knew the answer to that question. I think those times of hardship is when we must dig the deepest to place all our faith and trust in the Lords hands. It is then that we must trust and believe that He will see us through the storm and when the clouds part there will be something better waiting for us. No matter how bad a situation is there is someone out there who may be going through something even worse.

  2. Thank-you for the podcast, guys. Thank-you Wayne for sharing the difficult times in your life when you are in the midst of them.

  3. I just finished reading “The Shack” and I am so happy to see that someone else saw God the way I found Him to be. When I first gave my life to Christ on April 11, 1973, the whole world changed. I woke up to a day in what I believed was Paradise – the sun was brighter, the leaves on trees and bushes were greener, the flowers were brighter and more brilliant – just like the scene Mack discovered at the Shack, I discovered the day after I gave my life to Jesus. I have experienced a long journey with the Lord; sometimes I took control and then He brought me back into His Fold, gently and lovingly, always forgiving me….making me stronger. Thank you, William Young, for writing this book; I truly believe it was inspired by God. It’s a perfect way to tell someone about Jesus.

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