The Knowable God

God got a big splash in our national media last week, with a survey of spiritual hunger among youth, Michael Vick's possible conversion as he pleaded guilty to leading a dog fighting ring, Presidential candidate John Edwards' personal disillusionment with prayer with Mother Theresa's crisis of faith. These lead Brad and Wayne on a discussion about the difference between trying to serve God as a principle, and engaging God as a real, knowable presence in our lives. When our religious obligations fail us, it's time to look beyond them and our own agenda to know God as he really is.


  1. Wayne and Brad,

    I hope this doesn’t offend you, and I know you are grown up men, BUT..I so appreciate the child likeness I sense in your times together! Your increased sense of wonder of our Father of love is most contagious. Our lives continue to be so very enriched as we weekly drink in what Father has put upon your hearts to share with so many via these extended and ongoing conversations.
    Papa’s richest and continued blessings upon you my dear friends, and all of the friends of friends.

    Richard & Margi

  2. Hi Guys!

    I found your podcasts while trying to find something to listen to at work. Working my way through the archives. I have loved being a part of this journey, it’s been challenging a lot in my heart. I do want to say, though, from a relationally challenged person, it is not easy to be relational with God. The only way that my relationships have formed over the years is when somebody pursued me for friendship. I was always the helper/fixer kind. God has brought me out of that particular kind of bondage. When I hear Wayne say that it may take months or years to learn to hear from Dad, but then you say oh it’s not hard to have relationship…. that seems to me to be very contradictory. I can ask my neighbor questions about himself to try to get to know him but if he doesnt answer right away, or say he is foreign and we do not speak the same language then the getting to know is VERY difficult, and frustrating. I AM starting to step out, talk more freely to Dad and being blessed with the patience to wait on him. But it is not easy. it takes a tremoendous abount of effort for me. But I also Believe that this is the relationship that we want, and am willing to take the time to learn, ask, wait, and listen. Thanks so much for your honesty and caring and loving our Father.
    Cincinnati Oh

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