Self-Serving Sacrifice (#915)

What is the difference between sacrificing our lives for the kingdom and self-denial? It's easy to confuse the two and try to exploit our sacrifice to gain benefit from God. But isn't that self-serving in the name of sacrifice? When Jesus told his disciples that they must deny themselves and take up their cross, he was talking about the cost and risk of following him, not a means to manipulate him. Wayne and Kyle discuss the distinction after reflecting on what it will be like to behold God for the first time face-to-face.

Podcast Notes:


  1. Awesome episode Wayne and Kyle!
    It in interesting how we can be so certain about our understanding of God and sin, and yet the scripture states that His ways are SO far above ours that we can’t comprehend that difference. I love the quote about grace vs. the law. Grace saves the worst! and the best. The sacrifice of His Son needs no augmentation from us. Its TOTALLY enough!

  2. Enjoyed the convo. Little concerned though that neither of you made it clear that a spouse who is abused in a marriage should leave the situation and get to a safe place. It is not God’s will that anyone should remain in such a situation. It was in the context of Kyle talking about resiliency, how growing up he knew of situations where there was physical violence but the thing was to just stick it out etc. He went on to say he wasn’t sure what the best decision was ….stay or leave as i understood it. I have listened to you both enough to know you do not condone abuse but felt that you could have been more clear bc who knows if there is someone listening who is in an abusive marriage etc. So in that context it would be helpful to the hearer, to be encouraged to leave and in no way feel they have to put up with it …that part just came across as very religious (protect the marriage at all costs regardless of violence).

    • If anyone else got that impression from our conversation, thank you for posting this. We have continually made clear in podcast after podcast that no one is obligated to stay in an abusive marriage whether it be physical, sexual, or emotional. Kyle’s comment was not honoring the choice to stay, but that it was the only option many religious leaders of the time gave. Unfortunately, it is not easy in a spontaneous conversation to think of all the things we need to say or disclaim so someone doesn’t misunderstand. I’ve written on this a lot and we have covered it on the podcast. In your example, resiliency isn’t found in staying in an abusive marriage, but God leading, guiding, and sustaining you in leaving it and finding your joy beyond it.

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