The Hunger to Know Him (#944)

In their conversation about ways to help people experience the life of Jesus, Kyle and Wayne find themselves contemplating where they found spiritual hunger when they jumped off the performance treadmill. In their early days, spiritual hunger might have been more religiously inclined, in the sense of trying to earn God's favor or increase their status as a zealous follower. How has that changed when the need to earn his favor was displaced by their confidence in his love? What motivates them now to live deeply inside his reality?

Podcast Notes:


  1. This conversation reminded me of a meditation I had a few years ago.
    Of a truth I may have done the work of an evangelist… and not known it.
    I may have been a Pastor to someone in a time of adversity!!
    I may have prophesied to someone by accident,
    I may have ministered to someone’s need, or exhorted someone when I felt moved.
    I hope people may have been taught by my conduct, or been lead by my experience.
    I hope I am merciful, and gracious as God is to me.
    I will give when I see a need, I will love -no strings attached.
    I will consider everyone better than me …because they are.

    Of a truth I do not know how my life affects others but God knows.
    I do not need a label to show the pride I have
    In the position that I presume God has given to me…
    I am but a vessel; I am easily damaged when dropped.
    I have no claim to the lives of others.
    No one is saved by the works of my hands or the words of my mouth.
    I am but a vessel, let Him use me as He sees fit.
    I will not take His glory to myself.

    I will be blessed by others testimony,
    Will watch how He deals with others… but not with rash unfeeling judgment.
    I will consider the works of His hands, the blessings in others lives.
    My walk is with God not man.
    Let them think what they will of me, Let them cast the first stone,
    Let them talk of me behind my back and not to my face,
    May He help me to be patient with His longsufferingness, and pray for them in the closet.
    I do not need a label …may I be as the wind, invisible but full of action.

    3 April 2006


  2. I guess a good answer for Kyle’s musings is just take people with you as you do life. Take them to sick ones, family gatherings, baseball games . Any place you go. Life together strengthens both.

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