A Journey Into Renewal

Wayne interviews Dave Fredrickson, right, who tells the story of a group of people in Sacramento, California who over the last five years deconstructed the institutional aspects of their fellowship and are learning together how to live in God's life and freedom. Over the last five years in simple acts of obedience they have deconstructed their congregational life. In November they stopped meeting on Sunday mornings. In December the staff voluntarily resigned their salaries, and in January they sold the building. In a story reminiscent of "That Lot in Fairlee", they are now learning to live as God's people in Sacramento and are discovering a renewal they had not imagined. In this special webcast, Wayne interviews one of the key people in this process, former pastor Dave Fredrickson, as he relates their journey and the lessons they've learned along the way.

Here is Dave's contact information in case you want to contact him after hearing the webcast: familyrm.david @sbcglobal.net.


  1. What an incredible story! Trusting God more and more deeply seems like a real adventure. And I’m thankful for the encouragement that hearing stories like this one provide for the journey. This is simply the journey we’re all taking together, the whole church. The journey of discovering life in Him.

  2. Bytheway, the Church has left the Building (Actually It Was Never Just There). Why? Because the King has left the building? No, but because He has always transcended it’s walls… and everything else that may or may happen there. Thanks.

  3. Well, I just had the chance to finish up the last of the podcasts. Wow. Great encouragement. You asked for some feedback so here goes.

    I really enjoyed each session but for different reasons. I think you and Brad make a good combination–conversational and not forced.

    I guess what strikes me about all of the webcasts is the overall humility of the discussion. Whether it is Wayne, Brad, or Tim, each speaks from a heart yearning to know the Living God but not bold enough to say this is THE WAY. Rather each speaks from a heart of seeking and longing.

    I was part of a fellowship for 10+ years. I was in leadership and acted in many ways like a junior pastor. I did not practice humility.

    I believed we truly had the more perfect way. I focused on scriptures that talk about doctrine and its importance. I was consumptive. I wanted you to become part of our group. We knew a greater level of truth. I wanted you to join and be like us.

    Looking back, I am ashamed. (This is both my failure and my heresy that you spoke about.) But I don’t know if I could have arrived at this place any other way.

    For the past 8 or 9 years, I have been on the journey. A little less sure of myself, a little less sure of my doctrine but a deepening hunger for knowing the Lord and His people.

    As the obligation has fallen so has the pretense. I no longer need people to validate my worth in the Lord. I don’t have to use people to get what I am lacking. I am in a place where it is ok to be broken and under construction.

    I have never felt more free and alive in Christ. And rather than searching for an opportunity to find the edges and see what I can get away with, I feel compelled to know the love of Christ.

    It is a beautiful place to sit at the Master’s feet and learn from Him.

    Thank you for all your encouragement, love and examples.

    Together, we continue the journey.

  4. Where is Dave Fredrickson now? I emailed the listed address and got it returned.

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