Transforming Love #6: Love that Leads to Truth (#862)

Kyle and Wayne are still processing Wayne and Sara's journey through trauma just before they sold their home and left on their cross-country trip. They talk about those who don't get the miracle they hoped for and how Father leads them on, as well as Wayne's observations on whether or not God led Sara to leave. What they discover is how each of us begins our journeys in a fog of illusions, misunderstandings, and deceptions that are cultivated as we seek for comfort and safety by our own wisdom. The invitation Father extends to us is to know reality as God sees it—about him, about us, and about our circumstances. Truth can be challenging, however, and if we don't discover truth secure in his love, we will often miss it by clinging to our illusions.

Podcast Notes:
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  1. Thanks again Kyle and Wayne for this ongoing talking and conversation. Podcast continues to resonate with deep transformation Jesus is doing. Sue

  2. I’m sorry you have received backlash from folks about your new journey. Sometimes folks are unable to process new information of another’s journey due to unknown buried trauma in their own life. It can be a complicated maze.

  3. This reminds me of the movie, “Contact”, when the scientists build the pod for Jody Foster’s character to travel into space and they see that the plan doesn’t include a chair, so they add one to the design.

    Then, when she is in mid-travel, all of the turbulence comes from the chair until it breaks loose and there is complete stillness and the perfection in design is obvious but would not be understood without the experience.

    Oh brother. When will I stop adding chairs????

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